How You Know Someone's Truly Your Best Friend

The person you are in front of your boss, your professors, or your co-workers just isn't the same person you are with your best friend. In front of non-best friends, your behavior is (mostly) socially acceptable. If you’re weird, you’re only "Jennifer Lawrence" weird, not "Gary Busey" weird. You don’t dare share gross personal details about your life, because, well, they're personal. But that’s why you have your BFF. She's the person who knows you so well that she can tell when you’re only pretending to be OK. She knows when you secretly want to leave a party, but won't because you don’t want to seem lame (and then fakes food poisoning to get you both out of there). And most of all, she's the person who knows just how crazy you are — and loves you for it.

One of the many perks of having such an amazing friend is being able to be who you really are, even if who you are is kind of bananas. And I’m not talking about the "not wearing makeup" kind of being yourself — I’m talking about the deeply personal, borderline unacceptable, strange shit you do when you’re all by yourself. That's the stuff you do in front of your best friend.

Here are 21 ways you know someone is really your bestie.

You've Randomly Changed Out Of Your T-Shirt In Front Of Her ...

Like, you guys will be discussing global warming or who has the best fish tacos, and suddenly you'll feel the urge to change into a dress because it's too hot. Your BFF won't even bat an eye, and will just keep talking about the environment and tacos.

... And You've Tried On At Least One Of Her Bras

Sure, she might be two cup sizes bigger, but why not?

You've Taken Turns Doing Each Other's Hair

Grooming yourself is usually a private event. But if you and your friend both have frizzy hair and some extra time, there is no reason you can't get glammed up together.

You've Actively Tried To Gross Her Out

It takes a very special bond to ask someone if there is a piece of broccoli or rice lodged between your two front teeth, but an even more special bond to lodge it there on purpose.

You've Dragged Her With You To The Bathroom While Drunk

Because going by yourself is no fun, and you need to catch up on the last 10 minutes.

You Treat Her Fridge And Cabinets As Though They Are Your Own

If someone I didn't know very well started going through my food, I would question their respect for me and my things. My best friend? HAVE IT ALL. My food is your food.

You've Shared A Tub Of Pillsbury Frosting While Rewatching Mean Girls. Again.

Spoons optional.

When You Take Selfies Together, You Argue Over Which Filter Makes You Both Look Cuter

Usually you agree on X-Pro II, but sometimes 1977 makes your photo look all vintage-y.

You Can Proudly Point Out To Her How You’ve Gone Five Days Without Washing Your Hair

No one else knows, because you're a total wizard with dry shampoo and baby powder. But yeah, your hair is oilier than a piece of garlic bread.

You Discuss Your Sex Lives. Very Descriptively.

If you do this with anyone else, they might get grossed out. Or feel like they can never see you the same way again because, ew, sex! Yeah, you guys don't have time for that kind of BS. Spill it.

You've Engaged In The Art Of In-Depth Romantic Text Message Analysis ...

Your conversation will go something like this: Just look at this. Look at what he sent. What do you think it means that he put a smiley face there? Who does that? What do you think of what I replied? Do you think he was being sarcastic?

... And She Always Knows (Roughly) How Often You're Having Sex

She's also your dry spell ally.

You've Sung Along To “Work Bitch.” Very Seriously.

Or other totally ridiculous songs that you can't take seriously, but secretly love.

You Order A Shit-Ton Of Food When You Know She's Coming Over, Because You'll "Share" It

You know that you can't eat a burger, hot wings, a salad, fries, onion rings, curly fries, AND three milkshakes alone. Luckily, your friend will help you.

You've Been Really Bratty In Front Of Her For No Reason ...

Your best friend is the only person you would complain to when it comes to subpar customer service, or when your phone decides to not connect to WiFi right when you thought of a brilliant tweet.

... And She Calls You On It (Almost) Every Time

I don't sound like that! Wait, do I?

You've Laughed After Farting In Front Of Her ...

You don't even need to profusely blush or pretend it wasn't you.

... And You've Talked About Pooping

Pooping is a big part of life! It's totally normal to discuss your pooping affairs with someone you trust.

You Both Complain About Your Periods. Very Descriptively

I'm not just talking about cramping and feeling like a whale. I'm talking about the crazy flow on day one and two that makes you wonder if you're dying. Or that awkward fourth or fifth day, when you're not bleeding enough to warrant a tampon, but wearing a panty liner is still annoying.

You've Brought Her To Family Events, Even Though Your Family Is Super Crazy ...

Because your best friend loves you, no matter what kind of baggage you bring along with you.

... And When You Need To Bail An Hour Later, She Has Your Back. As Always.

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