Robert Graham Is On 'Bachelor in Paradise' After His Doomed Start On Des' 'Bachelorette' Season

With The Bachelorette at an end, what is one to do to get their fill of love and drama for the rest of the summer? Don't worry. ABC doesn't want you to go through withdrawals so they are bringing the ghosts (or contestants, in this case) of Bachelorette and Bachelor past to find love on Bachelor in Paradise. And that includes Robert "Bobby" Graham, the fan favorite, turned early eliminated contestant, on Des Hartsock's Bachelorette season, who is back and looking for another chance at love. Let's just hope he hasn't dated one of the Bachelorettes' friends this time.

Bobby's elimination from Desiree's batch of men might be the most memorable thing about him. It felt completely out of left field and too early for the "Spinventor" to leave the show. That was until Des set the record straight regarding his dismissal. According to Reality Steve, Des already knew Bobby, he just didn't remember her. Ouch, definitely not a good way to start off the season. And if that wasn't bad enough, the way they "knew" each other was not going to move their relationship forward in anyway, in fact, it put a halt on all things Bobby. After he was eliminated, Des took to Twitter to justify her reasoning.

Can't blame her. So beyond his not-so-smooth beginning with Des, what else is there to know about this guy? First of all, he is one of the inventors of sign spinning, you know, where people spin signs on the corner of sidewalks for advertising. I didn't realize that was something you could invent — here I thought it was just something the go-getters and really enthusiastic sign holders liked to add to their job. It is probably one of the strangest jobs a contestant on the show has had, but at least he could use it to his advantage and guerrilla market himself.

Nowadays, Bobby or, as Des called him, "Liam Hemsworth's brother" (uh, try look-a-like — his brother is Thor), has been busy with a new business that doesn't involve giant arrow signs. Instead, he used his marketing knowledge to start an agency called Brander. He still focuses on companies that need to be conservative financially regarding marketing, but uses social media leaders to help move the startups forward and toward success. What a catch!

So what does this all mean for Bobby on Bachelor in Paradise? Hopefully he will be able to actually stay this time around and now leave early because he has hooked up with all of the girls' friends or something. He is quite the looker, and before he did leave last season, he was a favorite among viewers, so something tells me he will do just fine with the ladies in Paradise.

Images: Francisco Roman/ABC; ABC (Screengrab)