Forget the Kim Kardashian Game, Stephen Colbert's App Could Be Even Better

For anyone who is absolutely unable to deal with the ridiculousness that is Kim Kardashian's video game, or for those who still have a ton of questions about it, you can relax because Stephen Colbert expertly critiqued Kim Kardashian: Hollywood in a way that only he can. I learned a few things from his scathing analysis of the reality star's app, like the fact that Colbert still has no idea what Kardashian even does for a living. But for all the takedown's hilarity and accuracy, it's not likely to stop people from spending countless hours virtually working their way up to Kardashian's purported Hollywood A-list world. But how about if Colbert created his own app?

Luckily for us, he did — well, kind of. After offering several legitimate reasons why absolutely no one should play Kardashian's game, Colbert came up with his own app, appropriately titled Stephen Colbert: I'd Tap That. From Colbert's description of his game, there's absolutely no hidden agenda. Simply put, the object of the game is to make him richer. But I have an idea of what a more developed Colbert game might look like...

For starters, one of the challenges would require players to perform a passionate auto-tuned pop star duet with Jimmy Fallon. Extra points for remaining on key and throwing in some basic choreography.

Players would also be thrown into a tense battle with a rival late-night talk show host. Win the prime time slot and advance to another level.

It wouldn't be a Colbert app without a "Word of the Day" challenge. Points increase with absurdity of the word.

In a bonus round, players will be forced to improv on the spot. If you're a pro like Colbert, this should be a piece of cake.

If you surpass all previous levels, then your most daunting task will be to survive a huge Twitter controversy. It happens to the best of celebrities. If you can get through this one like Colbert did #CancelColbert, then you've officially tapped that.

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