'Big Brother' Amber's Modeling Photos Are Absolutely Stunning

Whenever a reality star refers to him or herself as a "model," it makes me cringe a little. Are you really a model, or did you maybe just do one commercial six years ago for a local car dealership? It's the sort of self-deluded thing that people who make a living portraying a cartoonish version of themselves on TV love to say. So when Amber Borzotra declared herself a model to her fellow Big Brother 16 houseguests, I didn't really believe her—especially because she's listed as an esthetician in her diary room segments.

But Amber's grown on me over the past month, so I wanted to giver her the benefit of the doubt. I did a little digging and found out that she actually is a working model. And a REALLY good one. I've watched enough America's Next Top Model episodes to know when someone's got it, and I think even Tyra would be thoroughly impressed by what Amber's working with. Girl can smize.

Even if she doesn't come away with the $500,000 prize, Big Brother has given Amber a serious platform to promote herself. She could actually have a real future in fashion. Let's take a look at her best work so far.

She Knows How to Rock Huge Hair

This Throwback Thursday pic was taken when she was just 17 years old. My hair was equally frizzy when I was 17, but I did not look like that. I looked more like a Trollz doll.

And She Can Take a Beauty Shot Like No Other

Here Amber is exhibiting cheekbone realness.

Her Outdoor Photos Aren't Too Bad Either

This is how people imagine they look while frolicking through a field of daisies. She would do great in a menstrual product commercial.

Amber Can Give You Intense Emotion

She was clearly paying attention when Tyra explained how to "find the light."

And She Can Give You Sassy Bedroom Eyes

God I hope Caleb never finds these.

Amber Can Work it in the Wild

This pic convinced me she'd have a serious chance at winning the Hunger Games.

And in the Big City

Just where does one go to procure royal blue imitation snakeskin pants? Because I want to go to there.

Amber's Got Some Serious Moves

Twinsies: Amber and I both strike this pose in mall dressing rooms to assess the durability of swim suits.

And She's Great at Strutting Down the Catwalk

Miss J is applauding somewhere.

In conclusion, Ms. Borzotra is a gorgeous human who deserves to be recognized for her contributions to humanity and to Instagram. Frankie Grande and the rest of the Detonators have been scheming to send Amber home, and unfortunately it looks like they may soon get their wish. But at least she can take comfort in that fact that when she she returns to society, she'll likely have multiple big modeling agencies lining up to sign her. Maybe she and another houseguest can even work together: turns out Cody Calafiore is a model too.

Werk those highlights, boy.

Images: AmberBorzotra/Instragram (10), CodyCalafiore/Instagram