Drake & Lil Wayne Debut An Interactive App For Their Tour & Fans Should Be Excited

When Drake and Lil Wayne debuted the trailer for their upcoming tour, someone obviously realized those animated images of two battling rappers were way too cool to be tossed aside after a single use. There's still time for the Street Fighter-inspired characters to be developed even further into a video game or morphed into full-blown cartoons like The Cartoon Network did with Nicki Minaj. But for now, the Drake and Lil Wayne have an interactive app specifically designed for the Drake vs. Lil Wayne tour.

Fans who plan on attending the show can download the app just in time for the 31-city tour to kick off in New York. For show attendees who have their fingers poised to defend their favorite rapper online, there's no need to instigate a huge Twitter argument over who's the best on the mic. As Billboard reports, the app will enable fans to have an actual real-time impact on each show by allowing them to choose sides in the rap battle and "power up" Drake and Lil Wayne's performance accordingly. So save the Twitter beef for something else (or not).

Since Drake and Lil Wayne's app isn't the first of its kind, I can't wait to see how this trend continues to develop. Aside from Harry Styles being on Tinder, One Direction also became involved in the app game for their 2013 tour, so there's reason to anticipate a spike in interactive concert apps in the near future. Apps like these may allow fans to vote for guest appearances ahead of time, choose what version of a song an artist performs, or concertgoers may even be able to upload images that can be shared onstage during a live performance.

And since some people would give their right arm for a follow on Instagram or Twitter, interactive concert apps will undoubtedly play a role in making that possible.