How to Handle a Heavy Kim Game Schedule

Secretly, I think Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is set up so people are like, "Wow, maybe Kim does actually work hard!" Right now, I have five objectives I need to complete and I'm sure to get several more before I even finish the other ones. But the better you do in Kim Kardashian's iPhone game, the more popular you get. With A-list stardom comes the inevitable: a million job offers, charity functions, TV cameos, and more. I love my manager Simon and my publicist Maria but they have been way overbooking me of late.

For the sake of argument, let's say the game is teaching us that fame isn't all it's cracked up to be, and the fact that your avatar is over-scheduled to the max is just Kim's way of reminding us how hard it is to be famous. Modeling for a photo shoot will never be as tough as some jobs, but that's of no concern when there are K stars to be earned.

So how do you cope with an overflowing goal list? By playing strategically and using your time wisely. So when you find yourself in this position, here are 6 ways to handle things and make your load seem a little lighter.


When you hit the A-list, Simon starts working really hard for you and will often come up with special jobs like movie cameos and such. These earn you way more points and fans than the interstitial jobs he comes up with that take place at, like, Popglam. You're better than one-hour photo shoots for catalogues, now. When Simon contacts you to do one of those—he usually will in between larger, longer events—tell him to ask you later and take a well deserved hour break.


You can knock more off your to-do list when you finish your tasks quickly. Instead of waiting eight actual hours to finish an 8-hour event, spend about 35 minutes tapping objects to collect energy faster and you can have it done and move on to the next one. FYI, here's a handy list of the actual time it takes to complete each event.


If the number of assignments you have is bothering you, you can click the "call now" button at the bottom of the assignment and have Simon set it up right away. That way you don't have to wait 8-24 hours to start the task. It does cost K stars to do it, but it's not the worst thing you can spend those on.


Swap back and forth between a film shoot and a romantic date so that you get to finish two events at one time. It will also make you feel like extremely popular and busy when you duck out of your shoot to meet your lover. Plus when your BF/GF is making you mad and you can bail to go work some more on set.


Sometimes you'll be assigned a task to complete two fashion shows, or finish two ad campaigns. If you select the jobs that fit that category you can finish what Simon wants you to do, while also working to complete the specific type of event achievement. Winning!


Sometimes you'll get a call from your manager or publicist insisting that you drop everything and fly to Hollywood to meet with them. This is almost always because they have a big gig for you. But you don't have to go right away, the job will still be waiting for you whenever you do mosey on over. So take your time, that way you can finish your current tasks before you visit their office and get assigned another one.

Sometimes being this famous is rough, but someone's gotta do it. And now you can do it even better than before.

Images: astrologymarina/Tumblr (2); worddesign; yourtango; giphy; crushable.com