Kim Kardashian iPhone Game Cheat Sheet For Finding Energy in Punta Mita

Just when the Kim Kardashian iPhone game started to get a bit monotonous after its initial burst of popularity, she added Punta Mita, Mexico the first of several new Kim Kardashian game locations. That's when I realized that my addiction to Kim Kardashian: Hollywood was never going to die, so long as the game was updated and new challenges existed. But the most frustrating part of addiction to this app is the lack of energy. Suddenly, Punta Mita helped things though, because in addition to finding free lightning bolts in the game's original locations, there were two new spots to find energy in Punta Mita.

As much as Kim Kardashian wants to to spend your real money on Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, stocking up on K stars and lightning bolts, it is possible to play this game for free if you know where to look. In each of the game's locations, objects can be tapped. They will reveal points, cash, and even those blue energy bolts if you're lucky.

Punta Mita's beachside location was no different, although it was a little lacking. Most of the places in the game have at least three objects you can tap for rewards, while Punta Mita has a measly two. But hey, I'm not about to knock free energy, so here's where you can rack up those rewards.


I hate birds in real life, but in Kim Kardashian's game they are literal gold mines. To the left of your avatar in Punta Mita is your very own golden goose. OK it's a seagull, but if you tap it, it'll spit out some prizes and that's almost as good as anything a golden goose can give you.


To the right of your avatar sits some lawn chairs and a side table filled with fruity cocktails. Tap away and you'll be drunk on the spoils of free cash, points and energy.

Unfortunately despite the pricey $40 plane ticket, all Punta Mita has to offer is those two energy spots. The pricey beach house doesn't even let you buy a pet, so there's not even that energy opportunity.

Thanks for (nearly) nothing, Punta Mita!

Images: Kim Kardashian: Hollywood (3); Giphy