What Does the Future Hold for Zankie?

Are they hot or are they cold; are they yes or are they no? These questions are not just some of Katy Perry's finest lyrics, but also the burning questions all Zankie fans are asking while anxiously awaiting this Thursday's live eviction when the chances of Big Brother's Zankie turning into just Zach and Frankie are high. There had been trouble in paradise after it was revealed that Frankie almost ended Zach’s Big Brother game, but Zach seemed to forgive Frankie for everything, as a true friend (ahem, Frankie) does.

But now that Frankie used the Power of Veto on Caleb to renominate Zach (despite the controversy of #RenomRule) it seems like there really is no chance for Zankie to stay together forever, right? Not so fast. After all, Zach has professed how much of a “funny and nice” person he thinks Frankie is, so maybe he will see past the betrayals inside the house and they can be BFFs outside the house. Here are the potential situations I see for Zankie post-Big Brother.

They move in together

Frankie once suggested that the two of them moved in together, and Zach was all for it. The two of them could live in New York together, get a (Bravo) reality show, and take the city by storm. I’m thinking they go dancing, singing, cuddling… the possibilities are endless, and I am already gearing up my DVR for their reality show, #Zankie.

They are BFFs that no one can get between

Living in the Big Brother house is hard, I assume, with people wedging their way into relationships you have with other houseguests. Once Frankie and Zach are out of the house, hopefully those pesky other houseguests won’t bother their budding relationship and they can return to being best friends and not worry about Christine turning Frankie against Zach each week.

They go their separate ways

Derrick has voiced his opinion over the past week, since Frankie revealed who he was outside the house, and said that there is a good chance that Frankie won’t even talk to any of them outside the house because he is “famous.” I don’t know if Frankie will pull a stunt like this, after all he is on the same TV show as them, so they too will have 15 minutes of fame, but there is a good chance that with Zach back in Florida and Frankie in New York/Los Angeles they will lose touch.

They live happily, ever after

A girl can dream, right?! Come on, after all these two have been through, they have to survive the Big Brother house and make it at the end. All the great TV relationships go through hardships when you think, nope, they’re not going to make it, and then there is a big dramatic swell of music where they spot each other at Grand Central Station and run slo-mo into each other’s arms… so let’s just make that happen, okay?

Images: CBS; sweetasho4ever, zankiefever/Tumblr