How Many Personalities Does Taylor Swift Have? Many, That's How Many — VIDEO

Taylor Swift may often be identified by her most familiar public personality, which is "pizza party-having, generous incarnation of a celebrity angel who smells like a candle," but lest you missed it in her new video for "Shake It Off," she is more than just a single personality. In fact, there are many, many shades of Swift — perhaps more than all of Christian Grey's fifty! — and The Daily Dot has taken to making a supercut of all the personalities Taylor Swift has exhibited in one video. You can't pin down Taylor Swift. She is the rainbow.

"Shake It Off" has yielded a fair amount of criticism — and rightfully so; it's awkward and pretty banal, even for Swift, and not to mention her outfits run the gamut — but it's probably not going to stop Swift-o-philes from praising their beloved T. Swift and from heavily anticipating her upcoming album 1989, which will drop in October. What will 1989 be like? Who knows? If "Shake It Off" is any indication, it could consist of every high school and pop music trope imaginable.

But, if none of Taylor Swift's past on-screen personalities suit you, remember this one critical component to her personality that Swift forgot to put in her latest music video: Chiptole-giver. Her video needed a burrito. That's what was missing!


Image: The Daily Dot/Youtube