Lindsay Lohan Books Role on 'Eastbound and Down,' Proving She Can't Escape Stunt Casting

Lindsay Lohan continues to be the victim of stunt casting. The actress, who has been used for her personality and headline-making abilities in series like Glee and Ugly Betty, has been cast on an episode of HBO's Eastbound and Down, according to sources.

Granted, it's not a surprising move for the actress, whose comedic skills got positive attention during her guest hosting stint on Chelsea Lately . But since the actress followed up the praise with yet another night out on the town, it seems Lohan might be less attractive to series for her abilities, and more for her pastimes.

And the latter would be okay — so long as those pastimes were sober and healthy. I lauded Lohan's trial role as a full-time personality on Chelsea Lately , and even encouraged the actress to change up her day job to reflect what most really want from her: Lindsay Lohan. An eight-series documentary on OWN about the actress will no doubt land Oprah Winfrey ratings she has longed for (but was guaranteed yesteryear) — after all, the actress' appearances on late night and daytime television have been touted as must-watch news content.

Because we enjoy watching and learning about Lindsay Lohan, and, following her three-month stay in rehab, it seemed we were enjoying watching and learning about the actress for the right reasons. And if she wants to spend the rest of her career as a professional cameo-maker in the likes of Scary Movie 5 and Eastbound and Down — in which she'll play the grown-up version of Kenny Powers' (Danny McBride) illegitimate daughter — there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. She's proven she has the personality to join the grand tradition set by the likes of Paul Lynde, Jenny McCarthy, and Kathy Griffin, all actors who found success relying on their notoriety instead of their acting skills.

But, Hollywood, before we support Lohan's professional stunt casting career, let's be sure she can show up to set on time.