'Mockingjay’ Star Liam Hemsworth Does Ice Bucket Challenge in the Best Outfit We’ve Seen So Far — VIDEO

As more and more people do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, they're finding creative ways to stand out. Apparently dumping cold water on your head just simply isn't enough. Whether Miley Cyrus or 50 Cent, celebrities are putting their own spin on it. The latest to take on the challenge in a creative way? Liam Hemsworth. His brother Luke Hemsworth posted the video for him, because Liam unfortunately doesn't have his own Instagram account. In the two-part video, Liam Hemsworth does the Ice Bucket Challenge wearing basically the best outfit ever: a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle onesie. This is totally radical, as the turtles would say!

When it came time to nominate others to participate in the challenge themselves, he chose his Hunger Games pal Josh Hutcherson (how presh!). He also picked actor Woody Harrelson and a guy named Matt Niven (unfortunately, I don't know who that is and Google was no help). Either way, it's great to see Liam getting in on the fun and not taking himself too seriously.

The only way this video could have been better would be if all the Hemsworth brothers were in it together. That would be my favorite video, hands down! Anyway, check out the adorably, awesome clip for yourself: