How to Level Up Faster in Kim Kardashian's Game

The problem with making an incredibly addicting iPhone game is that your players crave updates so they can keep on playing. But for those of you stuck at level 22 in Kim Kardashian's game with the maximum amount of fans, you'll be glad to know the latest Kim Kardashian: Hollywood update includes a new level, beach clothes, and more quests. Yes, you can earn yourself a bikini and coverup by partaking in a grueling 3-day series of 24-hour photo shoots. But everyone knows that when you level up you get even more new clothes, plus you get K stars and money and a full energy bar. So access to level 23 is really the best part of this new update.

Leveling up can be a tricky process in the Kim game. It's not known exactly how many points are needed to fill that yellow bar completely, and you can't even buy more points. Kim will let you shell out real cash for stars, energy, and game money, but you have to earn those yellow people points on your own, buddy.

Fortunately there are some ways to make leveling up easier and faster. So if you want to focus your energy on getting to level 23, here are some tips to speed that up.


I know, I know, usually I recommend skipping the dating process, but it is a great way to level up. How so? Well rather than blue stars or dollar bills, the tasks you complete on a date pour out those little yellow people points which you need to collect to progress through the levels.


Thanks to some research done by AngelaRM on Hubpages, we now know that the number points you get depends on the length of the job. Yes eight and 24-hour gigs are not as fun or quick to complete as one-hour jobs, but the longer the gig the more people points you get. Here's a handy chart of the approximate number of points according to AngelaRM.

  • 1 hour - 20 points
  • 3 hours - 70 points
  • 8 hours - 200 points
  • 24 hours - 800 points


The game has achievements you can unlock by doing various things like shopping a lot or buying fancy food on dates. Each achievement has its own number of people points it gives away. (A full list of those achievements and how to unlock them is available here.)


Visit the various bars, clubs, and restaurants and buy a drink from the bartender. Then if you ask for gossip and give a cash or K star tip, you can rack up 10-20 points right there.


Make friends in Kim's game and then stalk them at clubs and restaurants. If you say hello to them, they'll give you 10-20 people points just for saying hi. How sweet of them.


Tap the game's birds, fire hydrants, menu signs, and more to win extra points. Sometimes you'll even get lightning bolts and money too, but you're almost always guaranteed one of those mustard yellow people points when you click the game's hidden energy spots.


Earn twice as many people points when you click on each individual yellow circle that you're given. Yes, it is that easy to unlock level 23. Have fun!

Images: Kim Kardashian: Hollywood (7); theyscreamsiyah/Tumblr