Chris Soules Will Be a Better 'Bachelor' Than Juan Pablo Because He's the Polar Opposite

It was just eight months ago that the disastrous Bachelor season aired with the juan-and-only Juan Pablo. It feels like forever since Juan-uary, since then we've seen Andi Dorfman fall in love and a lot of drama go down on Bachelor in Paradise. But for ABC it's likely that Juan Pablo was still fresh in their minds when they picked farmer Chris Soules to be the next Bachelor. Chris is about as far as you can get from Juan Pablo, and that was likely a very deliberate decision.

Things were going fairly well for JP until that homophobic comment came out. Rememebr the one? JP said that having a gay Bachelor would be "perverted." It was all downhill from there when his ocean sex episode with Clare aired and Juan Pablo happily jumped in the water with her and then shamed her for it later. Overtime, it became evident that Juan Pablo wasn't taking this show seriously at all. He just liked kissing and sleeping with the women, but not, you know, getting to know them.

Writing all his transgressions down just reminds me that I just don't miss that man one bit. So as boring as people are predicting Chris to be, the one thing he has going for him is that he is the anti-Juan Pablo and these 7 facts prove it.


One of the biggest problems with Juan Pablo was that he bucked the system. He didn't seem like he was really on the show to fall in love. After the finale, host Chris Harrison blogged that "Juan Pablo decided to fight this whole process." In comparison, Chris is more than ready. "I believe in the process. I believe in what I went through on the previous show and that's why I'm doing it," he said on Good Morning America. "I wouldn't do it if I didn't feel like that was a potential."


It's true that athletes do have that stereotype of being players off the field, too: Andi was worried about it with baseball playing Josh coming off the back of JP's season, but Chris is a farmer, which is pretty far from a professional sports star. True, farmers could of course still be players, but can you honestly think of a single example? Well, maybe this one guy appearing on a show in which he dates a dozen women... — oh wait. Still, let's just say no player is as bad as JP, okay?


Juan Pablo blamed Clare for seducing him out of his room and into the ocean and putting him in an uncomfortable spot because his daughter could see what happened. Except, JP, you agreed to go in so you can't just blame Clare. Chris is so anti-blame that he actually ended up comforting Andi when he was sent home, instead of the other way around.


For some reason, JP thinks it's cute to randomly type words in all caps and it makes the meanings of his tweets very confusing, and frankly, annoying. Chris seems to have a better grasp on regular grammar rules, so that's good.


Whereas JP's Twitter is full of him promoting himself or talking to his girlfriend, Chris' is full of him talking to fans and retweeting their messages. That will bode for a better social media angle for ABC, and it's also just cool to see that he reads what people have to say and cares about the people who support him.


It's no secret that former Bachelorette Andi Dorfman doesn't like Juan Pablo. Her promo poster even made a joke at his expense. But Andi is all for Chris and his upcoming season. Having her stamp of approval says a lot.


In all honestly, I'd take a boring Bachelor over a jerk. It might be less fun to tune in, but at least I won't hate the show's main person. It's automatically more interesting to watch a show where you actually can stand the person looking for love.

Any time you feel like complaining about Chris, just remember, at least he's not Juan Pablo.

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