So What's Their Big Announcement?

If you haven't heard, 5 Seconds of Summer is the next big boy band. After all, they've spent the summer touring with none other than One Direction. Even though some people mix up 5SOS and 1D, these Australian guys are already making a name for themselves and standing out on their own. Further proving this, 5SOS teased fans for 13 hours about a huge announcement with the hashtag #5SOSBigNews. They posted, "Hello… we have some really REALLY BIG news to share with you :-) Check back in about 13 hrs if you wanna find out!" So what was the big news? On Thursday afternoon, they revealed that Derp Con — a 5 Seconds of Summer Convention — will happen in Los Angeles this November.

So let's break down what this news means. It's essentially like Comic Con, but focused on 5SOS and their fans. The site, which explains all the details of the convention, is superhero themed with a Star Wars-esque intro. At Derp Con, they'll bring together fans to "fight for tight pants, loud music, and the ability to be exactly who they are." It's all about embracing nerdiness and individuality, along with a huge concert.

If you're a little confused (because come on, it's a bit vague), watch the handy video below:

Since there was such a big build-up to the news, fans were going crazy over the hashtag and tweeting tons of theories before the reveal. Despite 5SOS retweeting their responses, that doesn't mean they were accurate. Hello, doesn't everybody know RTs ≠ endorsements? Anyway, the fans sure are creative. Perhaps even more creative than the band themselves! So let's look back at some of their best guesses:

Fresh Prince of 5SOS

Why couldn't this one be true?

Singing Llamas

I, for one, would definitely go see that.


Inspired by Taylor Swift, perhaps?

A Modeling Career

I mean, that's not the worst idea...

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Yes, I like this one best!

Unfortunately, it looks like fans were wrong. But hey, Derp Con sounds pretty cool too!