Is Billy Hufsey Still Asia Monet Ray's Manager? 'Raising Asia' Has Us Worried

It's no secret that there has been a bit of unrest between Asia Monet Ray's manager Billy Hufsey, choreographer Anthony Burrell, and parents Kristie and Shawn Ray. After a performance scheduled by Billy where Asia had to perform at a 21+ venue for an artist that wasn't well-known on an unkempt stage with her dressing room in the parking lot, Asia's parents and Burrell had a frank and honest conversation about Asia's career direction.

Burrell has made his feelings known since the beginning of the series that he does not agree with Hufsey's proposed direction for Asia's career. He thinks that going the classic "Disney princess route" isn't right for someone who he often refers to as the next Beyoncé. When it comes to what's right for this pint-sized prodigy, it's difficult to say necessarily who is right or wrong. Anthony has been an incredibly talented choreographer for years. Not only has he worked with Beyoncé on several tours as a dancer and choreographer, but he's worked with other humongous industry behemoths like Destiny’s Child, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Mary J. Blige, Kelly Rowland, Brandy, and Ke$ha. He was also on So You Think You Can Dance. He definitely knows what it takes to help cultivate a pop star, but Billy's approach is also necessary.

Billy, who was a teen idol himself, has touched every facet of this industry. Whether it's acting, singing, dance, or overall management, Billy has first hand experience in each side of each business that Anthony doesn't necessarily have. He's been on multiple television series including NBC's Fame and Days of our Lives. He has written multiple books. He performed on the Golden Globes! On his personal site, it lists that Billy has "starred in more than four Broadway shows, eight movies, ten National touring companies and over a dozen television projects." The guy knows what he's talking about. But, Billy grew up and thrived as a performer/artist/actor in a different era. Anthony's approach to Asia's career is more current, more fitting for the times. Billy may seem a bit old fashioned in comparison.

My personal belief is that the two combined would create a powerful team that could no doubt help Asia reach new heights. Billy is still Asia's manager, but he's skating on thin ice if he doesn't get Asia's career going in the right direction. Despite slight mishaps along the way with her performance at Dario's album release party, it seems he's trying to turn things around.

If you look at social media for Billy, you'll see he's still very much a supporter of Asia. He is definitely still her manager, and despite what Anthony may think, it doesn't quite look like he's going anywhere for awhile.

Image: Billy Hufsey/Facebook