Fox News Talks Feminism, Gets Everything Wrong In the Most Baffling Segment Ever

It's no secret that Fox News has a terrible track record on women's rights and women's issues, one that resurfaces again and again and again and again and again and again. But when it comes to misunderstanding women's issues and the feminist movement, a recent segment on Fox and Friends might take the cake as most outrageous offense yet. Because according to these Fox guests, feminists just aren't being "what God designed [them] to be." No, seriously, they said that.

The segment, which features the three authors of the new book What Women Really Want, is downright bizarre, and not just for the God comment. Over the course of just four minutes the guests manage to claim that women have workplace equality (sexual harassment and gender pay gap be damned), that Sofia Vergara was less objectified at the Emmys than Beyoncé was at the VMAs just because she wore more clothing (what?), and that feminists are the ones "politicizing our bodies and what happens in our bedrooms." I don't even know what to make of that.

The whole thing is almost too bizarre to get upset about. Clearly, these women have no idea what feminism is, despite the fact that it's thanks to years of feminist activism that they are able to have their feminist-trashing careers and say these kinds of things on national television. But even stranger than the recurring "women who are against feminism even though their lives are better because of feminism" puzzle, is the fact that these women seem to be advocating for lots of feminist goals while claiming feminists stand in the way of those goals.

The What Women Really Want authors seem to think women want "freedom to choose" for themselves, their children, and their families; they want "less government in their lives;" they don't want their bodies politicized; they don't want to be sexualized or objectified. Which are all...the things that feminists are fighting for. Feminism is all about women being seen as people with the right to control their own lives and make their own choices free of gender-based stigmas or sexist restrictions.

Feminists are not the people advocating objectifying women. Not by any stretch of the imagination. And I don't even know where they're getting this "stone age" stuff. The whole thing is just so bizarre.

Image: RS1/YouTube