New 'Parenthood' Season 5 Photos Were Released So Let's Overanalyze Them to Death

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It's been a busy few weeks for Parenthood fans. Following the news that the show's sixth season will revolve around a "huge new challenge" for the Bravermans, it feels like there's been bombshell after bombshell: Jason Katims' new show; Amber's (possible) pregnancy; Zeek's (possible) death; more depressing info on Julia & Joel that'll make you want to throw a Sydney-sized fit. And now, NBC has released five new photos from the series' season 6, so if you thought it was going to be a quiet couple of weeks until Parenthood comes back on the air, sorry to inform you: better get your tissue box ready, because this month is going to be rough.

But first, the photos. Read on for an extremely overanalyzed, probably wrong, way too detailed look at the five new photos from Parenthood season 5.

Image: Colleen Hayes/NBC

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