New 'Parenthood' Season 5 Photos Were Released So Let's Overanalyze Them to Death

It's been a busy few weeks for Parenthood fans. Following the news that the show's sixth season will revolve around a "huge new challenge" for the Bravermans, it feels like there's been bombshell after bombshell: Jason Katims' new show; Amber's (possible) pregnancy; Zeek's (possible) death; more depressing info on Julia & Joel that'll make you want to throw a Sydney-sized fit. And now, NBC has released five new photos from the series' season 6, so if you thought it was going to be a quiet couple of weeks until Parenthood comes back on the air, sorry to inform you: better get your tissue box ready, because this month is going to be rough.

But first, the photos. Read on for an extremely overanalyzed, probably wrong, way too detailed look at the five new photos from Parenthood season 5.

Image: Colleen Hayes/NBC

Drew and Natalie — Roommates?

Scene: A surprised-looking Drew and his girlfriend, Natalie, doing work on a building.

Hidden Meaning: Are Drew and Natalie living together now? Have they dropped out of school? Are they re-doing Zeek and Camille’s home, meaning that the grandparents’ have finally moved away? Why are they so surprised/angry? Did they just receive bad news? Is Zeek dead? Is Amy pregnant again? Is Natalie Dammit, Drew.

Image: Colleen Hayes/NBC

Kristina and Max, Shaking Hands

Scene: Kristina, holding a clipboard, shaking hands with a hard-to-read Max.

Hidden Meaning: Is this at Kristina’s new school? Is it opening? Is Max going to be a student? Is that “A” on the door for Asperger’s, or Adam, or A Really Unrealistic Storyline Especially for Parenthood? Why is Max so sad? Or is he happy, and he’s just making it hard to tell? Would Kristina really let him wear a hoodie on his first day of school? Speaking of which, is the hoodie Amber’s?

Image: Colleen Hayes/NBC

Adam, Doing... Something

Scene: A smiling Adam, surrounded by kids and adults.

Hidden Meaning: Is Adam looking on with pride at Kristina’s school? Is that a backpack on that kid’s shoulder? Are all of them new students, and the adults their parents? Did Peter Krause get a haircut?

Image: Colleen Hayes/NBC

Hank Looking Worried

Scene: Hank, sitting on a couch, looking concerned about something.

Hidden Meaning: Is Hank back at his therapist’s? Is he learning more about his Asperger’s? Or, was he just told that Sarah’s pregnant and he’s the dad? Or is he upset because Mark’s the dad?! Has Max been getting on his nerves again? Is he freaking over his ex-wife coming back into the picture, played by Breaking Bad’s Betsy Brandt? Has he just binge-watched Bad and is now very confused?

Image: Colleen Hayes/NBC

Kristina at a Table

Scene: Kristina standing over a table, looking like she’s about to respond to something.

Hidden Meaning: Is that Kristina’s new desk? Is that at her new school? Is that a coffee cup, a and a mug? Does she have a caffeine addiction? Is the stress of starting a school/raising Max/remembering once a year that she has a 20-year-old daughter getting to her? When you’re Kristina Braverman, life is always tough.

Image: Colleen Hayes/NBC

And Everything That's Missing

No Julia, Joel, Sarah, Crosby, Jasmine, Zeek, Amber, or Camille. What could it mean? Is Sarah being pregnant meaning they can’t show any photos? (I’m really sticking to this theory, guys). Are Julia and Joel getting a divorce? Is Crosby lost somewhere in Vegas? So many questions, so little answers. Thanks a lot, Parenthood.

Images: Florian Schneider/NBC