Carter Might Lead the Police Right To Him

There are only two episodes left of MTV's breakout series Finding Carter. I know, you're already panicking — how could it possibly end with so many loose ends to tie up? The most important of which being what fate awaits everyone's favorite character, Max. During last Tuesday's episode of Finding Carter , Crash shot Max and I'm still crying over it. And while Max's future hangs in the balance during this week's new episode, "The Long Goodbye," (even though we all know he's going to be fine because life can't go on without him) there's another huge question Finding Carter must answer as well: What will happen to Crash?

Personally, I think Crash should've spontaneously combusted as soon as he stepped foot outside of the Quik'N'Easy because he's the worst human being of all time. That would've been the appropriate punishment for his sociopathic and heinous behavior, short of Carter taking his gun and shooting him immediately after watching Max hit the floor. (I know, I'm ruthless. But Crash is the WORST.) But he apparently lived to see and destroy another day for Carter when he ran out of the store, leaving her screaming for help on the floor with Max bleeding out. So how long will Crash survive before #JusticeForMax crashes down on him (yay for puns)?

In this sneak peek of Tuesday's penultimate episode, Carter proves that she can't help but be the worst when it comes to Crash and tries to leave the hospital to go find him. Because, get this, she thinks he's a victim. (HELLO, EARTH TO CARTER??) Max is laying unconscious in a hospital bed and Carter's trying to sneak out for a "burger and fries," aka to find and forgive trigger-happy Crash for shooting her best friend and the most decent guy alive. Seriously, Carter, are you kidding me?

I can't think of anything more wrong for Carter to do in this situation on moral grounds, but in terms of Crash getting exactly what he deserves, Carter might be inadvertently doing the smartest thing she's ever done. We'd be stupid to not realize that Bird, Ofie, and Gabe will all run straight to Elizabeth after Carter leaves the hospital. I mean, they'd be stupid not to realize that it's the right thing to do. Thus, considering the fact that Carter will most likely be driving her parents' car, it'll be easy for Elizabeth to contact the police and have her followed — straight to Crash's doorstep.

Which, if Bustle writer Kaitlin Reilly's theory that Crash and Lori will conspire to kidnap Carter together is correct, would end up killing two HUGE birds with one stone. Crash would go to jail, hopefully forever, for shooting the love of my and every Finding Carter fan's life and Lori would get carted off (HA, PUNS) too for being a raging, psycho kidnapper. And we'd all live happily ever after. Right?

Probably not. I'd like for Max to live, Crash to see justice, and Lori to quit leaving creepy messages laying around as much as the next person, but then Finding Carter would have to end because they'd have tied up all of the bows way too neatly. So, in the interest of keeping Finding Carter going for many seasons to come, here's what will probably go down on Tuesday night.

Crash and Lori will definitely be working together in some capacity, even though I'm not so sure how they would've found one another. I mean, Crash isn't really in contact with her — Carter had to ask Max for help on Tuesday to send her a message, after all. BUT, this is MTV, so they've found each other. Lori will use Crash as a decoy because she knows Carter's in love with him and thinks he needs her to save him from himself. It will work because Carter's too hopelessly devoted to Crash to realize that he's a raging lunatic. So Carter will find him and in turn, allow the police to find him and charge him with the attempted murder of Max, while Lori will get away and continue to haunt the Wilsons.

Of course, this is assuming that all of this action occurs on Tuesday night and isn't spread out between "The Long Goodbye" and the Finding Carter Season 1 finale on Sept. 16. Out of love for Max, I hope this all goes down in one night — I can't bear to wait any longer for the iron fist of justice to come down on Crash.