17 Things That Cost As Much As The New iPhone

Hey! Apple just announced the release of the new iPhone 6! Yes! Whoo! Your life finally has meaning again! It was a scary few months there for a while, when there were no new iPhones, but now things are finally back on track! Gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme!

It's new, it's shiny, it has enormous storage capacity... we get it. We want it to. But it's also expensive. As Bustle reported Tuesday,

The Apple Watch starts at $349 while the iPhone 6 starts at $199, iPhone 6 Plus at $299 and the 128 GB Plus at a whopping $499 — all with a two-year mobile contract. At the very least, you won’t be targeted anymore for your bright pink 5C when it comes to thieves…

And even if you think you're only paying $200 for that iPhone 6, if you finance your iPhone for no money down, you’ll still end up shelling out $650 over the course of 20 months. (Or making up the difference with an expensive monthly contract.)

Sure, you'll receive the benefit of having a new iPhone, so that is certainly appealing. But before you spend $500 on the 128GB iPhone 6 Plus, we urge you to stop and think. We’re just saying, before you break down and make a big purchase, it's good to comparison shop. After all, there are some other things you could get for $500. Things like...

A flight from Orlando to Oslo

Because: What else are you doing in Orlando during the off season?

A chance to take the Illinois Bar Exam

Because: Who knows? Maybe watching Law & Order: SVU for 20 hours each week was actually an acceptable law school substitute. You’ll never know until you try!

A bottle of 2006 Henschke Hill of Grace Shiraz

Because: Someone who is knowledgeable about wine told you this was a good idea.

A bottle of Glenfarcas 40 Year scotch

Because: See above.

A twin-size Tempur-Pedic mattress topper and sheet set

Because: If you’ve been exiled to a twin bed, at least you can feel comfortable and fancy(ish).

An Electra Townie women’s bicycle

Because: You'll look like you're just riding down the street in someone's Pinterest page, only in real life!

An autographed gun from The Walking Dead

Because: Oh, you’re going to not buy an autographed gun from The Walking Dead? Well, la di da, look at you!

"The Role of Capital Markets (Advanced)" class at the Museum of American Finance

Because: You finally finished up "The Role of Capital Markets (Intermediate)"!

A pair of Gucci print sneakers

Because: You’ll have an easy conversation starter for the inevitable day when find yourself trapped in an elevator with Kanye West.

A ride in a tank with two guests

Because: You've run out of other things to do while babysitting your nieces. Shhh, don’t tell Aunt Helen, OK, guys?

Half a night’s stay in the world’s only underwater hotel in Key Largo, Florida

Because: What could be more romantic than staying up all night, wondering how air-tight the windows in this place really are?

A starting deposit in a Roth IRA savings account

Because: Your parents found your Twitter account and now you need to make them believe you are a good, responsible person again.

Two Daft Punk replica helmets

Because: Now you and your roommate can finally run around the house pretending to be Daft Punk, just like you always wanted!

Two autographed hospital robes used in The Vow

Because: You can make your boyfriend get involved in some extremely freaky The Vow role-playing.

Olive Garden Never-Ending Pasta Passes for you and four friends

Because: If you get a Never-Ending Pasta Pass on your own, it’s creepy and sad! But if you do it with a group, you’re all creepy and sad together! Friends 4 evah! Sisterhood of the Traveling Pasta Passes!

Five of these insane “nap pillow” hats

Because: You can have one for every day of the work week.

1,250 Chicken McNuggets

Because: When’s the last time you had 1,250 of anything?

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