Which Grande Is Having the Worst Week Ever?

Remember the VH1 show Best Week Ever? Well I think we could play a new rendition of the game, called "Worst Week Ever" and specify it to the Grande siblings, Frankie and Ariana Grande, because they've both been at the center of a lot of criticism recently. Ariana is dealing with a scandal of negative comments towards her behavior, even going as far to call her a diva. Frankie on the other hand, well Frankie is actually having a great week on Big Brother , but that could quickly change on Wednesday, during the live episode.

So which Grande is having a worse few weeks? After Big Brother houseguests pushed the Rewind Button, all of the great game moves Frankie has secured this week — winning HOH and POV — are no longer of importance. The surprise is, he doesn't know that he could go from having all of the power to walking out the door. And if his fellow houseguests get the chance to send him packing, trust me, they will — and probably should since he has won so many competitions. So let's compare side-by-side some of the drama stirred up recently and decide a winner, shall we?

Ariana allegedly snubbing a fan vs. Frankie losing the next HOH/POV

It's a close call. If Frankie doesn't win HOH after the Big Brother rewind twist is revealed, he will be one step closer to walking out the door. If he doesn't win the POV, then he is definitely walking out the door.Then again, Ariana allegedly broke young fans' hearts by not sticking to the planned meet and greet they had won. Point, Ariana.

Ariana "demands" no natural light and only left side photos during photo shoots vs. Frankie makes a terrible joke about rape.

Ariana's rumored "demands" during photo shoots might seem a little high maintenance initially, but if I had the option of having the perfect lighting and shots taken of only my "good side" I'd totally ask for that too — and I'm guessing most people would. Frankie's "joke" about rape was really bad and absolutely not OK. Point, Frankie.

Ariana's response to the nude photo scandal vs. Frankie's possible Big Brother eviction

While Ariana's response to the "fake" photos posted of her could have been worded better, it was obvious she was trying to make light of the situation. On the other hand, Frankie being evicted from Big Brother would be the worst. thing. ever. (For him, not for fans.) Point, Frankie.

Ariana supposedly bailing on a photo shoot vs. Frankie bribing fans to help him win money

Ariana cleared the air about the misunderstanding over what happened at the photo shoot. Frankie has not cleared the air about promising to follow back people who voted for a Team America mission. Point, Frankie.

Frankie wins Grande's Worst Week Ever.

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