Every 20-Something Should Hear This Poem

The slam poem Choose Your Own Adventure begins much like the Choose Your Own Adventure novels of your childhood might: "You are in a dark room... Do you A) Light your lantern or B) Keep quiet in the dark." And just like that, you are back to the nostalgia of being a kid, being all excited to get to make decisions for once and pick what you got to do. And whenever you made a choice that turned out badly, you could just skip back to the last section and choose differently — or go all the way back to the beginning and do the whole story over. It was like life, but better.

It's no wonder we twenty- and thirtysomethings have tons of Choose Your Own Adventure nostalgia today, as evidenced by stuff like the Choose Your Own Adventure app. There's a Choose Your Own Adventure Shakespeare project. Neil Patrick Harris' memoir will have Choose Your Own Adventure format. FOX has a Choose Your Own Adventure movie in the works. Bravo is creating a Choose Your Own Adventure reality series. There's even a romance app with a Choose Your Own Adventure spin.

Of course, in real life, choosing your own adventure is not quite as fun. I mean sure, you can always design your own major or something, but that might be as exciting as it gets in the Choose Your Own Adventure novel called adulthood. Eventually, the novelty of getting to make our own choices wears off. And worst of all, there is no more turning back the pages.

But before you let any of that get you down, listen to the brilliant slam poem, Choose Your Own Adventure, by Brenna Twohy, Alex Dang, Doc Luben, and Leyna Rynearson. Because adulthood can also be pretty awesome.

Image: Button Poetry/YouTube