Her Sydney Trip Is Just Like Kim K: Hollywood

Kim Kardashian's life is imitating the art that is her amazingly addictive iPhone game, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star has been in Australia for the past week while her husband, Kanye West, yells at wheelchair-bound fans during his Yeezus tour. And, apparently, she's been literally living KK:H. Kim Kardashian cuddled a koala in her latest Instagram photo and has even chosen some outfits that are similar to the ones she wears in the game. In case you haven't made it there yet — and by made it there, I mean you havent' yet spent $60,000 on a yacht in the Sydney destination of KK:H — a koala is up for adoption in the Australia section of the game. So, to answer your ever-burning question: yes, Kim Kardashian is as obsessed with KK:H as you are. Or her entire life is just a walking, talking promotion for KK:H.

On Monday morning, Kardashian posted two photos of herself up-close and personal with a koala at the #AustraliaZoo. And they're absolutely adorable and will totally make you want to save up $60,000 so you can buy that yacht in Sydney on KK:H and be able to have your very own koala for cuddling purposes. (As if you weren't planning to already.) But, really, if you follow Mrs. Kardashian West on Instagram, you've already noticed that the star's trip has been a real life extension of the world us players spend at least 10 hours a day in on our iPhones.

Here are those koala-filled photos:


I know, you can't handle it. It's just too much. And here's the Kardashian game koala:

But Kardashian's life and trip to Australia started to imitate our favorite game before her trip to the zoo — on Sept. 13 Mrs. Yeezus wore this red dress to launch the Kardashian Kollection:

Which is exactly the same as this red dress in KK:H:

So, life truly does imitate art. I just wish that koala selfie were included in Kim's selfie book. Sigh.

Images: KimKardashian/Instagram (3), Kim Kardashian: Hollywood