This 'Friends' Pop-Up Could Be Just The Beginning

What if Central Perk really existed? It’s a scenario any hardcore Friends fan has thought about at least once (or, you know, a couple hundred times) both during and after the show’s impressive 10-year run on TV. The big comfy couch and even bigger coffee mugs; the homey-yet-hip vibe with the sound of “Smelly Cat” playing in the background — it all served as the gang’s personal, little oasis… one that we were all desperate to be apart of. And now that dream is finally being realized. In honor of the series’ 20th anniversary since it first premiered, a Friends Central Perk pop-up is coming to Manhattan and it’s now just a few days away!

That's right, folks — starting on Sept. 17 and lasting through Oct. 18, this iconic coffeehouse can serve as an actual hangout for you and your friends. Pretty amazing, right? But all of this got me thinking… why stop there? After all, Central Perk isn’t the only beloved TV set fans would love to be transported to. For all we know, this little act of genius could (and should) end up paving the way for other TV-centric pop-ups in the future. And I just happen to have a few suggestions…

The Tanner Family Living Room — Full House

No matter how bad your day was, as soon as you stepped inside that white house with the red door, you immediately started to feel better. So just imagine what it would be like to actually sit inside the famous Tanner Family living room. You can almost smell Danny's cleaning supplies from here. And since there's already been so much talk of a Full House reunion, I bet we'd be able to round up some pretty awesome cameos. (I'm looking at you, Uncle Jesse!)

Luke's Diner — Gilmore Girls

As I've already established, Luke Danes is basically the best TV boyfriend ever created, so the idea of creating a pop-up centered solely around his diner is pretty much music to my ears. After years and years of watching the folks of Stars Hollow rave about Luke's food and coffee, fans would finally get to experience it all for themselves. And if Luke just happened to fall in love with me in the process, then so be it. (Hey, who am I to question fate?)

Dave Rose's Food Truck — Happy Endings

I mean, a food truck that's called Steak Me Home Tonight? I need this in my life like right now. In fact, I don't know how I've gone on so long without it.

Mr. Feeny's Classroom — Boy Meets World

It takes a special kind of person to make school actually seem like fun, but Mr. Feeny always seemed more than up to the task. He was the teacher we all wish we had, so I think I speak for everyone when I say that it would be both an honor and a privilege to sit in his classroom. ("I love you all… class dismissed.") And here come the waterworks…

Walt and Jesse's RV — Breaking Bad

Now, of course, there wouldn't actually be meth distributed here (that would be neither smart nor legal), but visitors could walk through the vehicle, check out all the cool lab equipment, and maybe even get a piece of blue rock candy to-go on the way out. Oh, and if Bryan Cranston just so happened to show up in tighty-whities, that'd totally be OK too. Pop-ups, bitch!

Fangtasia — True Blood

Imagine actually being able to sit on Eric Northman's throne — especially after everything that happened on it during the show's final season. Now that is something fans would seriously love to sink their teeth into. (In this pop-up, we'd all want to be like Ginger.) The hard part would be resisting the urge to take the throne with you on the way out.

Images: NBC; Giphy (4); thedayplanner/Tumblr; thebloodissacred/Blogspot