13 Gifs Taylor Swift Should Post To Her Tumblr

She's already the queen of Instagram, but now Taylor Swift has decided to take on another social networking site. As if her witty tweets weren't enough, now you can now follow Taylor Swift on Tumblr. Thank goodness, right? Since she's new to the site, Swift began by posting a series of questions: "How do I get gifs? How do I post them? How do I have one of those convos you always see screenshots of on Instagram? ... Overwhelmed. Deep breaths." It's understandable that it's overwhelming, but I think this award-winning singer can handle it. She's so dedicated that she even promised to lock herself in her room until she figured it out. (Well, with the exception of getting snacks. Obviously.)

If you scroll back a bit, it appears that her Tumblr page has existed for awhile. Originally it was just re-posted photos from her Instagram or updates signed by "Taylor Nation," making it seem like they were written by her team. But now, it truly feels like it's Swift's page.

Although she played coy in the beginning, based on her recent posts, it's clear she's making progress on the site. She even figured out how to reblog gifs and respond directly to fans. Here's her initial post:

She also posted this picture from her airplane and asked a very important question:

"Is that like a hashtag? I still don't really truly understand hashtags?" Oh, Taylor! It's OK, you'll learn eventually. Since you're so concerned about gifs, I've saved you the trouble and rounded up 13 of the best T. Swift gifs — your favorite number! — that you can post at your leisure.


From that hilarious Jimmy Fallon skit, this is a perfect reaction anytime someone posts something gross.


If you're confused, this is the best response.

"Shake It Off"

When the haters get you down, just re-read this unicorn shirt.


If you need to channel your inner Beyoncé, go with this gif.


Omg, that was so hilarious! Thank goodness this gif exists to express your laughs.


This one is purrfect when she's feeling like a feline.

Or this cat

Maybe the whiskers were too much. But cat ears? Never too much.


Isn't this gif the equivalent of the hair flip/sassy girl emoji?


When someone is making no sense, this says it all.


When you're so excited and you just can't hide it, post this.


Yeah, there's no way her awkward award show dance moves wouldn't make this list.

Just Deal

This is another perfectly sassy response.

Feeling Awesome

For when she's feeling extra confident. She's totally allowed to post this because, duh, she's Taylor Swift.

Images: Taylor Swift/Tumblr, WiffleGif (13)