This Is The Most Obnoxious Tinder Profile Yet

Joe Raedle/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Ah, the big, confusing world of Tinder…you can find your soul mate, but you can also find someone who is so horrible they will make you lose your faith in humanity. Enter one such potential mate, known as Brandon, 29, who made his Tinder profile picture his bank statement. Really bro? Not only does that confirm that you are a douche bag of a human being, but any lady who matches with you probably won’t be into you for your personality (not that you have a great one to offer).

And this is just the latest in a list of riffraff that you have to deal with when you use Tinder; from bros ranting at you, to them mimicking your pictures. As the dregs of Tinder come to the attention of buzzy sites everywhere, perhaps it's time to consider abandoning the app all together. Tinder also seems to be the shallowest of the dating apps, with men proving their wealth by posing with exotic animals and hackers programming their app to increase their chances of getting laid. With its recent internal issues and the rise in competition, should we be asking ourselves if there is a better alternative than using our free time to swipe through potential suitors?

While other dating apps like Hinge and Coffee Meets Bagel, which use your social networks to find you matches, are better at finding more serious matches, maybe it's time that we all took a hiatus from dating apps all together. After all, it was recently found that social media can be bad for relationships.

Even though I have heard my fair share of successful dating app stories, it seems as though the dating app community just keeps getting more ridiculous (see: Brandon, 29). There really doesn’t seem to be any app as efficient or fun as meeting a guy in the real world. Call me old fashioned, but you app users can keep the Brandon’s of the world, and I’ll just have fun listening to all of your horror stories.

Image: Instagram/TinderHorrorStories