Where Has Michelle Williams Been?

It's easy to complain about celebrities being overexposed, when no matter where you live or what you read, chances are you've heard something about Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus in the last few days. Yet while there are plenty of stars who could use a long a break from the media, many others seem to fade from the spotlight whenever they don't have a movie to promote. For every Ariana Grande or Kanye West headline this year, there's been a major absence of news involving celebrities like Anne Hathaway, Ryan Gosling (well, until recently) — or Michelle Williams, who, despite being a major, acclaimed movie star, has been pretty much M.I.A. for all of 2014.

While Williams, a very private person, has certainly never been accused of getting too much press, her antics this year — or lack thereof — have taken that mystery to a whole new level. She hasn't appeared in any movies or stirred up any controversy, and now that the #NoKidsPolicy is in effect with most magazines, the once-frequent paparazzi photos of her with her daughter, Matilda, are no longer published. While I'm sure the actress is appreciating her low-key life, her fans have been missing out; after all, what's Hollywood without Williams, a three-time Oscar nominee and one of the most talented actors today? Thankfully, though, it seems that she hasn't spent the last 12 months bingeing on Netflix and twiddling her thumbs; here's what Williams has been up to this year:

Starring on Broadway

Laura Cavanaugh/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

While she hasn't appeared in any 2014 movies so far, Williams didn't forgo acting completely this year. In March, she began starring as Sally in the Broadway revival of Cabaret alongside Alan Cumming and Danny Burstein. Her performance received high praise, earning her an Outer Critics Circle nomination, and she's continuing to portray the iconic character until November 9th, after which Emma Stone will take on the role.

And Getting Snubbed for a Tony

Sure, an Outer Critics Circle nomination sounds nice, but getting honored by the Tonys probably would've been better. Despite many people's predictions that she and her co-star Cumming would earn nominations for their performances, neither actor made the cut.

Waiting for Suite Francaise

It's unlikely, but there's still a chance that there will be a Michelle Williams movie coming out in 2014. The actress' Suite Francaise , a World War II-set romance about a French villager and a German soldier, was filmed last summer and is supposed to be released sometime later this year, although no date is currently set. The reason for the holdup is unclear; along with Williams, the drama stars Kristin Scott Thomas and Margot Robbie, so studios should be clamoring to get it in theaters.

Promoting Louis Vuitton

Last July, Williams became the face of Louis Vuitton, starring in a series of gorgeous images promoting the luxury retailer. Since then, she hasn't taken her duties lightly, appearing at parties for the brand, posing for photographs carrying their accessories, and, presumably, counting all the money she's making every time she says the word "Vuitton."

Breaking Up With Her Boyfriend

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

No, it wasn't Jason Segel, although I'm still mourning the end of that relationship, thank you very much. For over a year, Williams had been dating artist Dustin Yellin, but in May, the couple broke up. Since then, she hasn't been spotted with anyone. Supposedly, the main reason why she broke up with Segel was his necessity of being in L.A. for How I Met Your Mother. How I Met Your Mother is over. You see where I'm going with this?

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