This 'AHS' Teaser Is Coming for the Children

With only weeks to go until American Horror Story: Freak Show's Oct. 8 premiere, FX is pulling out all the stops to assure fans that this is going to be Ryan Murphy's most terrifying season yet. (I was already there at "Killer Clown," btw.) We've seen creepy posters, freaky teasers, and even got a glimpse of the actual characters Under the Big Top. But now the teasers have set their sights on the most chilling target yet — young children. That's right, horror fans — Season 4 wants you to know that absolutely no one is safe… not even kids. (Anyone else having some major It flashbacks right now? Excuse me while I go hyperventilate into a paper bag. BRB.)

Like usual, not much is shown in this ten-second clip. It simply features a group of young boys on the ground, curious to see what's hiding under one of the big circus tents. Sounds innocent enough, right? That is until one of the boys gets violently grabbed and pulled into the tent, off to face whatever is there on the other side. Now obviously, AHS prides itself on pushing our terror levels to the brink of madness, so it should come as little surprise that child abduction and/or death would eventually be thrown into the mix. But hey, maybe I'm looking at it the wrong way. Perhaps this is just a cruel joke one of the boys is playing on the others. I'm sure he's fine. Ugh… who am I kidding? That little boy's fate is sealed.

Check out the teaser for yourself below and let this be a lesson for us all on the consequences that come with too much curiosity.

Images: FX