Iconic Girl-Rage Moments, All At Once

Sometimes, ladies want to "Hulk, smash" too. We can't always be as calm and rational as Emma Watson before the UN when we're talking about things that make us angry. Sometimes we just want to be Emma Watson hitting people in the face with the blunt end of an axe like in This Is The End. WHAT ABOUT THAT EMMA? Sometimes we want to kick the shit out of giant cookies like Kristen Wiig in Bridesmaids. Sometimes we want to unleash our pirate mouths like Julia Louis-Dreyfuss in VEEP. And sometimes: sometimes we want to go full Tyra Banks yelling at Tiffany on ANTM and just scream the world down.

The Cut has us covered with their amazing Lady Rage Supercut. Filled with the greatest and most iconic moments from film and television of ladies just losing it, we're crazy about all the lady-crazy. And we're not talking tears and tantrums either. We're talking women who mean business unleashing their inner anger. Like Beyonce beating up Ali Larter in Obsessed anger. Watch below and be inspired for the next time you have to assert yourself to your husband's stalker, the tyrannous government of your dystopian nightmare or Michael Cera high on cocaine.

Side note: We would've written this entire video off if it had not contained ~*~*TyRa*~*~ at her finest:

Images: Universal Pictures; Giphy