Why Is Taylor Being Sued?

They knew she was trouble when she walked in... their limousines. A New York City limo company is reportedly suing Taylor Swift. According to TMZ, her company made a deal with a chauffeur agency to help her travel around the city. This makes sense, seeing as she spends a ton of time in NYC these days. Apparently Tay's people asked the company to get two new Chevy SUVs, but after a few weeks of service, they decided to bail, leaving the limo company with a hefty bill for those two cars. Since they weren't happy about it, the limo company took the case to the Manhattan Supreme Court. On top of that, they also hinted that T. Swift was a diva who wouldn't let the drivers talk to her. While the lawsuit is very real, I'm not so sure about that last part.

There seems to be a new story every day about whether Ariana Grande is a mini Mariah Carey (and honestly I'm getting sick of the word "diva"), but Taylor Swift doesn't have that kind of reputation. In fact, I feel like the whole thing may be a big misunderstanding. If her company pulled out of the limo deal, they must've had a good reason. Maybe she just prefers to walk everywhere instead? There are plenty of photos of her strolling through the city streets in super trendy outfits. Either way, I don't think she was rude to her drivers, or at least I hope not.

Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The only person we've ever heard say something bad about Swift was Katy Perry, and that was a subtweet that we don't even know was true. (OK, it really did seem like she was calling Swift a "Regina George in sheep's clothing.") But still! Swift is such a sweetheart. She writes heartfelt messages on her fans' Instagram photos, invites them over for pizza parties, and always supports her billions of BFFs. I could totally picture her sitting in the back of the limo, bonding with the driver over her latest arts and crafts project. Perhaps even taking the time to knit her chauffeur a new scarf.

My advice to Taylor about these rumors? Sh-sh-shake it off! After all, the haters gonna hate, hate, hate.

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