How Many Lightning Bolts Does It Take To Host A Party In Kim Kardashian's iPhone Game? Ugh, A Lot

As if adding marriage, daily gifts, and the option to play on Facebook wasn't major—or as the Kardashian sisters would say, "mayj"—enough, the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood 2.0 update also tossed the party host feature in the mix. Yup, your avatar can throw house parties now. Sounds like it could be fun, right? IT ISN'T. A KK:H party isn't about beer pong and A+ snack options. It's about spending your avatar's energy to earn five task stars before the party ends. Like everything else in the game, hosting a party costs lightning bolts. So. Many. Bolts. How many? SO MANY. (OK, OK, I'll get to the answer eventually.)

When I learned about the party hosting feature, I had zero interest in giving it a whirl. Nowadays, I am a KK:H slacker who rarely completes a runway show, so no, I'm not about to spend time searching for a bunch of energy bolts to dump into a house party.

What's the point of the party, anyway? I thought. Ugh, I'd much rather go start a photo shoot, earn one star, give up, and let Ray Powers make fun of me for my failure of a photo shoot the next day.

I was staunchly anti-KK:H party.

But all of that changed when I saw this:

I can "win fab prizes" if I throw some 5 star parties, eh? OK, I'll bite. Let's throw a party. CLICK THAT MARTINI GLASS!

This is it. The moment I choose the party's time limit, there's no turning back:

Hm. The 8 hour party seems like too much. I'm not ready for that jelly. 3 hour party it is. As soon as I clicked, silhouettes appeared in my avatar's condo:

First things first, gotta get my gossip on:

Ugh, look at that measly star count. 8 bolts gets me half a star? I'm going to need a lot of energy for this:

[Insert a thrilling lightning bolt hunt montage here.] I collected a lot of bolts and promptly spent them on my house party. I collected a lot of bolts and promptly spent them on my house party multiple times.

Fast-forward to nearly three hours later:

OK, let's see if those 15 bolts did the trick:

AHHHH so close. I have so much work to do, so little time. [Insert another thrilling lightning bolt hunt montage.]


So, how many bolts did I spend? Welp, I took a tally. Throwing one 5 star party required 67 pellets of energy. 67. SIXTY-SEVEN.

"That can't be right," I muttered at my calculator. I added up the numbers again. SIXTY. FLIPPIN'. SEVEN. If that's the case, I don't want to know how much it costs to throw an 8 hour party. Hnnnnnnnnnnnnngh.

I'm going to keep calm. Hey, let's check out that free gifts screen! Let's see if I won anything!

Excuse me. Am I wrong, or does each third of that meter cost 15 party stars? Does this mean I am only one ninth of the way done? I have to do this EIGHT more times to get those prizes? I will have to spend another 536 lightning bolts to get those prizes?!?!?!?!?

Images: Kim Kardashian: Hollywood (11); totallybrian, diablito666/tumblr