Dress Like Cara Delevingne For Halloween: Bold Brows, Sexy Tomboy Clothes, And More

Halloween will be here before you know it. While all of your besties are going for easy Halloween costumes, dressing like Kimye, emulating Taylor Swift and her cropped twin sets, or mastering Ariana Grande's ponytail, I suggest trying something a little more edgy, a little more unexpected, a little more... "It" girl. Why not dress like Cara Delevingne?

Think about it. Model du jour Cara Delevingne — she of the bold brows, of the goofily sexy yet tomboyish style, and the bedhead — has a way more legit, original, and unique celeb look to channel this Halloween, and your costume will blow your friends out of the water. Delevingne is this generation's Kate Moss, and the British model is so easy to "be" for Halloween, as long as you adhere to her amazing, strong brow. Respect the brow. Copy the brow. Do the brow.

The added benefit of being Delevingne for Halloween is that anything you may purchase for the benefit of your costume can be recycled and used in your everyday life. That's always a plus. And as I said before, there's no need to worry about a Halloween Party fashion face-off, like there was on the red carpet in the Sex and the City film sequel between Samantha Jones and Miley Cyrus, since you will be a total costume original if you go this route. It's simple without being basic or obvious.

Follow these simple steps, and transform into Delevingne this Halloween season.

1. Brows, Brows, And More Brows

You can only truly be Cara Delevingne for Halloween if you master the brows. The outfits don't matter unless the brows do. So focus on those first. A black brow pencil ($23, sephora.com) by Anastasia is your best bet. A gel liner, like Benefit's They're Real ($24, sephora.com), adds some cat eye sexaliciousness. You will find yourself loving the liner for everyday usage, too. So spend a few bucks, and do up those brows and lids all the time. Thank me later.

2. Rocker Chick Cara Delevingne

Ben A. Pruchnie/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The model often does semi-schlubby, rocker chick chic, and man, she does it well.

While the model walks for Chanel and models for Burberry in the highest of high-end runways and ads, in her everyday life and on the realway, she's usually a sexy tomboy. It's an easy and stylish look that starts with basic black leggings you already own. Beat-up combat boots should already be a staple of your fall wardrobe. If not, nab a pair at the local Army Navy store. Be oh-so-meta with a mustache tee featuring Delevingne's face ($52, saksfifthavenue.com), a multi-use faux leather moto jacket ($28, forever21.com), and a knit beanie ($6.80, forever21.com). BOOM! You. Are. Cara. Delevingne.

3. Street Style Cara Delevingne

In her recent Topshop ads, Delevingne was the epitome of fall-ready street style with her boots and army green parka. This is another look you can do up with pieces you either already own, or can buy and use for months, making the cost-per-wear effectively nil.

The coat ($190, topshop.com) is the main piece, with the big and furry hood. It may make you hot while partying or trick or treating, so keep everything else light. Thrift some gold chains, and add a white tank ($6, oldnavy.com). Rim your eyes with at least three layers of black liner ($16, nordstrom.com), and balance and soften the rest of your face with a whisper pink lipstick ($5.99, target.com).

4. Sexy Tomboy Cara Delevingne

Delevingne is known to rock jeans, sneakers, and other basic elements when not dressing up for work, so you can go the sexy tomboy route, but with a bit of a twist.

Grab a Kate Moss tee ($62, Bloomingdales.com) that you can wear again and show off your fun and kitschy, model-on-model side. Pair with BF jeans ($37, oldnavy.com). Find the perfect pair of strappy stilettos ($36, amazinglace.com), so you can mimic a model's height, and then wear 'em to the next wedding to which you've been invited. That's enough to give you the tough and sexy Cara Delevingne style.

But remember, the golden rule of this costume is brows, brows, and brows.

Images: Cara Delevingne/Instagram (2); Getty Images; Polyvore (4); Giphy