How Do Journalists & Artists Factor Into 'TWD'?

The Walking Dead spoilers and news keep on coming. The fifth season premieres on AMC Sunday Oct. 12, and if my predictions are right, this season will take us to the Alexandria Safe-Zone from the Walking Dead comic book series. Think about it: TWD has already been renewed for at least one more year. But the good news can't allow you think anybody is in the clear. Everything we've heard about the season is dark and dank. Then, some new Walking Dead casting details point to two new female characters that I am looking forward to seeing: journalist Donna and artist Samantha. And while I love seeing women join the cast, these casting details point to something I'm far more excited about, and that's the Alexandria Safe-Zone.

We know that the group is heading to Washington DC in search of a cure for the Walker pandemic. Alexandria is on the way. In the comics, this is disputed territory and doesn't always mean safety for our heroes. However, it would be nice to see the survivors have even a moment's rest to wash up and be a little more human. These new characters already seem more lively than the ones we've met so far on TWD. Will they be friends or foe? I'm hoping for the former, always. Here are the casting breakdowns in question:

Donna. 50s - 60s. A formidable, much respected and influential journalist that displays integrity, strength, and occasionally wiseass humor. She's a leader, a mother, and someone who reads people very well....
Samantha. Female, early to late 30s. Attractive, strong, smart, charming and articulate, she also has a vulnerable side. She's a mother with a bohemian spirit, and a talented artist...

Now, here's what sticks out to me about these two ladies. There are some labels or professions that one could consider "evergreen" in a zombie apocalypse, such as prisoner, sister, or even priest. However, I don't think that "journalist" is one of those. That's something you would say a person was before the outbreak. Rick was a sheriff but he's only one now in that he's de facto leader. Carol was a housewife. Andrea was a lawyer. Glenn used to deliver pizzas. I can't see much time for one to establish oneself as an artist when one is constantly on the run, yet Samantha is described as currently an artist. How have the Walkers not killed her bohemian spirit?

Donna and Samantha must be in some some of stable location if their occupations are being described in the present tense. Some place like a Safe-Zone. Heck, Donna sounds like she walked straight out of a black and white movie. A reporter who cracks wise? Well I'll be. What's she going to report on? Does she have an audience? Even Samantha sounds a little too soft for the environment we're used to on this show — though I am not one to underestimate anyone on The Walking Dead any more. If they have been living in this calm environment for a while, it's possible that they will clash with the hardened survivors on a mental level rather than physical. That would be a fun change to see in the AMC series.

Another Safe-Zone clue is something VixonVarsity writer "BeauxKnows" has pointed out: Andrew Lincoln's newly shaved face. Is Rick Grimes shedding his scruff? He'd have to be somewhere pretty "safe" to allow himself that kind of pampering. It would be wonderfully symbolic of a new beginning as well — how many times do we see girls on TV do dramatic things to their hair in order to "start over" in one way or another? Does the Alexandria Safe-Zone have a barbershop? Knowing this show, it's probably owned and operated by Sweeney Todd. Still, we haven't seen Andrew Lincoln looking so fresh since, well since this classic moment in holiday cinema:

And while I could have just led myself on a wild goose chase, think about it. Safety is coming.

Images: Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC; Giphy(2)