Being Passionate Doesn't Make Her a Diva

As the debate rages on, I've come to the conclusion that Ariana Grande is not a diva. What she is, though, is young, driven, and passionate, and she knows what she wants. Perhaps to some that adds up to equal "diva" but I happen to think that's the equivalent of calling young girls "bossy" when they're really just take-charge. I'm not the only one who thinks so. Jessie J has stepped in to defend Ariana Grande, and she makes a really good point.

"I’ve met Ariana, and there’s a very thin line between 'diva' and 'survival.' And a lot of people can’t [differentiate that]," Jessie J told Us Weekly. "I've had the diva stuff. And it’s when people can’t cope with how passionate you are, and how much you care ... She's super talented, she's very young, and she's very sure of what she wants."

What's so wrong with that? Yes, Grande may be strong-willed but that doesn't make her a diva. I think the people labeling her as such are afraid of a woman who at such a young age knows what she wants in life and isn't afraid to ask for it or stand up for herself. So what if she allegedly only wants to be photographed from the left side and wants her music to be a certain way? As her brother Frankie Grande pointed out, she has a right to be in control when it comes to her career. "As an artist and when it comes to her art, she always is the person that knows the most," her brother said. "She’s the boss. It’s her art that she wants to put out."

She may only be 21, but she knows herself, and she has strong opinions that she's not afraid to say out loud. I think that's awesome. Remember when Grande defended Miley Cyrus against the haters? She was bold and no-nonsense saying,

[Cyrus] is an adult. She can do whatever the hell she wants, honestly … If her choices aren’t for you, don’t look at it, move on, talk about something else, worry about bettering your life, not hers—she’s fine ... That’s what bothers me about people and about society. It’s like, "shut up."

As Bustle's Kristie Rohwedder pointed out, "Grande didn’t cop out with a 'no comment' answer. Grande gave a real answer." Though Grande hasn't always been the most feminist person (her response to the nude leaks was pretty bad) I'm always a fan of women standing up for other women, especially in the bold way Grande went about it. And in the bold way that Jessie J is sticking up for Grande, too. They have opinions, and they want people to know that.

I think it's great that Grande is so sure of herself. She's so young and yet she's made it so far in this industry doing what she loves. That should be celebrated, and she should be acknowledged for her hard work instead of being called a diva. But hey, if being passionate about your work is being a diva then call me one, too, because I'd rather be in company with Grande than with any of her haters.

Images: arianagrande/Wikia; gifs-for-the-masses/Tumblr