'Ass Backwards' Trailer Brings a Female Comedy with No 'Bridesmaids' In Sight

Ever since the Sundance Film Festival way back in January, there's been positive buzz surrounding Ass Backwards, a comedy from writing partners Casey Wilson and June Diane Raphael. In eight months, we had nothing but positive word of mouth, and now, in just two days we get a poster and a trailer. We're not complaining, but when the pair makes their next guaranteed hit, maybe they can give us some information a little sooner.

The comedy also stars Wilson and Raphael as two semi-adult best friends, one working as some sort of dancer and the other as an egg donor, who return to their hometown to try and win the beauty pageant they embarrassingly lost as kids. The trailer showcases just how funny the two women are, which is no surprise since Wilson stole every scene as part of the Happy Endings cast and Raphael always delivers in her recurring role on New Girl, as a co-host of How Did This Get Made and on NTSF:SD:SUV.

Let's hope that Ass Backwards gets some of the success it deserves when it's released on September 30, and not just because Wilson and Raphael need to become stars, ASAP. Ever since Bridesmaids, people have started realizing that women need more starring roles in comedies of the non-romantic variety—which is good. Still, there aren't nearly enough, and even when one does come around, it probably includes someone from Bridesmaids. We love Melissa McCarthy, but she isn't the only funny actress out there.

Between Ass Backwards and their new development deal with ABC, Wilson and Raphael are poised to become comedy stars if Hollywood gives them the chance. Check out the trailer below to see what the two are capable of.