8 Feminist Celebrities To Dress Up As for Halloween, Because There's Nothing Cooler Than Girl Power

It's been a big year for feminism in Hollywood, and that in and of itself is worthy of some major celebration. From Emma Watson’s kick-ass UN speech on gender and equality to Taylor Swift’s self-described “feminist awakening,” there have been so many inspiring moments — and we want to pay tribute to each of them. With Halloween fast approaching, why not dress up like some of your favorite ladies who are leading the movement? After all, Halloween lets you be someone else for a day, and these women are certainly worth wanting to emulate.

The following eight feminist Halloween costumes will give you more valuable talking points than any other outfits I can think of, so forget the weird, store-bought getups this year, or those tired, basic costumes you pull out every season because you didn’t have time to come up with something new, and go for the girl power!

Emma Watson

Oh, how we love Emma Watson. The actress started the HeForShe solidarity movement this year, gaining leagues of support from the celebrity community and cementing her status as one of our favorite Hollywood leading ladies, basically ever. And let’s not forget, she also played Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films (a feminist in her own right!). Wear something classy. Watson’s red carpet style is impeccable, and so easy to recreate (here are 10 tips to get you started). Gryffindor scarf optional (but recommended).

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Amy Poehler

Not only is she one of the funniest women on TV, but Amy Poehler is also one of the most pro-feminism activists in entertainment. She’s also best friends with Tina Fey, so, that makes her pretty cool too. Stick with a classic Leslie Knope look if you want to be instantly recognizable — think fitted blazer and a few subtle waffle accessories.

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Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart’s recent comments on feminism just give us one more reason to love her. Grab your converse and your favorite pair of jeans, and pair them with a band t-shirt and a backwards baseball cap. You’ve got K.Stew’s look down, pat.

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Beyonce. What more is there to say really? Time to put on a long-sleeve sequined leotard and walk around like you own the place. Because just like Bey, you are flawless.

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Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham might be Hollywood’s latest “It” girl, but that’s not keeping her from standing behind the beliefs she’s had since the get go. She writes, she acts, she directs, and she does not shy away from calling herself a feminist. Wear something cute and quirky, and maybe draw on some of those famous tattoos of hers. Or, why not give her new green ‘do a try?

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Ellen Page

Ellen Page had an amazing year, coming out at the Time to THRIVE conference with one of the most kick-ass speeches of all time. Along with being a Hollywood role model, she also is a long-standing feminist who is pro-choice and pro-equality. Go for her signature look with a slim necktie and button-up shirt.

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Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s views on feminism seemed to evolve before our very eyes this year, and in an amazing interview with The Guardian, she explained how with a little help from Lena Dunham, she’s embracing her feminist stance with open arms. And with her new album 1989 making its debut, we’d say Taylor is definitely having her moment. For a quick T. Swift costume, find yourself a kitten sweater, some burgundy skinny jeans, and a pair of oxfords. Oh, and of course red lips. Or, try out any one of these six other ways to recreate some of Taylor’s most famous looks.

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Kerry Washington

The always beautiful Kerry Washington has never been shy about her belief in feminism. The new mommy is a perfect choice for a feminist role model and Halloween heroine. If you’re sticking with her famous Scandal wardrobe, try rocking a black, white, or grey peplum top, skirt, and structured peacoat. Or, if it’s her red carpet style that you’re after, you can’t go wrong with a gauzy pink dress like the one Washington wore to the 2013 Emmys. We like this option from LuLu’s.

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