8 Feminist Celebrities To Dress Up As for Halloween, Because There's Nothing Cooler Than Girl Power

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It's been a big year for feminism in Hollywood, and that in and of itself is worthy of some major celebration. From Emma Watson’s kick-ass UN speech on gender and equality to Taylor Swift’s self-described “feminist awakening,” there have been so many inspiring moments — and we want to pay tribute to each of them. With Halloween fast approaching, why not dress up like some of your favorite ladies who are leading the movement? After all, Halloween lets you be someone else for a day, and these women are certainly worth wanting to emulate.

The following eight feminist Halloween costumes will give you more valuable talking points than any other outfits I can think of, so forget the weird, store-bought getups this year, or those tired, basic costumes you pull out every season because you didn’t have time to come up with something new, and go for the girl power!

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