Will Stefan Find Love On 'TVD' Season 6?

Was anyone expecting romance to be easy for Stefan Salvatore on The Vampire Diaries Season 6? I mean, shame on him for thinking he could just run away from Mystic Falls, his friends, and his problems and just start a random new life with a random, human girlfriend. Honestly, I expect significantly better behavior from this guy after five seasons of TVD drama, but here we are. Last Thursday on TVD , Stefan started a bar fight because he's not even close to OK with Damon's death, which is something I realized when Stefan joined forces with Tripp for a brief moment to take Enzo out. But now he's kind of off the charts. So, TVD fans really need to ask whether or not Stefan will get a love interest in Season 6 because right now, it seems highly unlikely.

At this point, Stefan getting into a new relationship would be about as appropriate as Elena or Caroline striking up a love fest with a new significant other. (Don't even get me started on Jeremy and Sarah because that's total crap and he knows it.) Why? Because he's so obviously not ready for one and, if we're being totally honest here, the "relationship" he was in at the beginning of Season 6 was a total sham. That girl didn't even know he was a vampire, which is just totally screwed up.

So, what are the chances that Stefan will get a love interest? Unfortunately, things are looking pretty bleak.

Probability Of An Emotional Connection: Slim

Stefan is totally at loss for real emotions right now. During last Thursday's episode, he proved that tenfold. He can't feel anything — which is why he convinced Elena to conjure up fake feelings with him during their fake proposal. Of course, it's possible that Stefan could find a love interest that could help him find his emotions again or, at the very least, help him come to terms with everything he's feeling about his brother. But, really, the only people who could help him do that are Elena and Caroline, who have either erased their memories or are totally done with Stefan's BS, respectively.

Probability Of A New Character Introduction For Him: Slimmer

Honestly, TVD's already introduced a handful of new characters in Season 6 — we had Stefan's short-term girlfriend, Elena's new college buddy, Sarah, Tripp, Jo, and Kai. And they're all turning out to be major players in the first half of Season 6's storylines. There's just no room for a new character, especially if they're only joining the action to be Stefan's love interest. It'd be detrimental to everything that's going on unless, of course, the person is deeply ingrained in some aspect of the action. But I can't see that happening or making sense at this point.

Probability Of Loving Someone More Than He Loved Elena: Slimmest

I feel like this is something that TVD fans should probably discuss more because, even though I'm a diehard Delena 'shipper, there's no way anyone can deny that Stefan loved Elena more than anything or anyone ever. In all of his many years of living, Stefan quite possibly loved Elena Gilbert the most and I honestly don't think he's capable of loving someone as much or more than her even now that he's we aware of how strong her feels are for Damon. It's just not possible, no matter how many potential love interests TVD introduces for Stefan. His heart is broken beyond repair (sorry, Caroline).

Probability He'll Get Over Damon Anytime Soon: Nonexistent

I mean, his brother died. Well, actually, it's worse than if his brother died because Stefan doesn't actually know whether or not Damon is dead, whether or not he got blown to smithereens when The Other Side imploded, or if he's somewhere in need of help. Stefan won't get over Damon being "dead" until Damon's safely returned to the land of the living. Especially considering how not "over it" it he is right now.

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