It's Time To Start 'Shipping Quinn & Fara

Like Quinn, Carrie is leading me to drink this season of Homeland (like I needed any excuse). With Saul in the private sector (and now recently kidnapped!), Quinn is the man in Carrie’s life who questions her very questionable decisions — mainly the fact that Carrie is sleeping with Aayan. And since Quinn is so awesome, he isn't afraid to come out and say what we are all thinking. I absolutely died when at the end of the "About a Boy" episode, he just spoke the truth to Carrie about what she's been doing: "Because to me it looks like you’re f***ing a child." And again with: "Is there no f***ing line?" His recent frustrations with Carrie have led me to wonder if Fara and Quinn are actually a better Homeland potential couple.

Quinn broke down Carrie's issue in a nutshell. There is no line for her. She will do anything to get what she wants. I said it before and I shall say it again, all of this needs to catch up with Carrie in Season 4. I know, I know, technically all of the crazy stuff she did in previous seasons caught up to her when Brody died — but that was a supremely messed up situation from the start and they both should have known there was no way they were ever going to have a happy ending.

With Carrie preoccupied with Aayan (ahh! Stop it, Carrie!), we got to see Quinn and Fara interact, which led to me wondering if sparks could fly between the two. I mean, I feel like I keep conspiring for Quinn to be set up with anyone — even though I do think he’s probably best on his own right now. Perhaps I’m seeking some sort of normal relationship to form on Homeland. And at least Fara and Quinn would be immensely healthier than Carrie and Quinn. But I think he’s a bit too jaded for her — though maybe she needs to be more jaded to enter this line of work. At least Quinn is fully aware of what Carrie is doing to get Aayan to confess.

And confess he did. Dammit, Aayan! I wish he hadn’t given Carrie exactly what she wanted by revealing that his uncle, Haissam Haqqani, is alive. This just rewards her questionable behavior. I would still really love if Homeland gave us a mega twist and Aayan was playing Carrie, but he seems so genuinely vulnerable that I just can’t imagine it (but seriously, how awesome would it be?).

As for Fara, but she needs to lose the naivety a bit. I guess it’s good we have one character on Homeland that has strong morals, but she either needs to step into the game with no hesitation or leave it now. Based on this scene from the Nov. 2 episode, it looks like Fara is going to have a rude awakening as to what Carrie can really be like.

I'm so proud of Fara for standing up to Carrie — and it looked like it may have worked (that is usually how Saul and Quinn get through to Carrie's stubbornness). I also loved in "About a Boy" that Fara noted that Quinn and Carrie seem to have known each other longer than just a couple of years. Because they really do seem to have a connection. But I think there is also something about Carrie that drives people to either become very engaged in what she is doing, or step back from her completely.

Quinn is such a cautionary tale of that. He’s too entrenched in the games of the CIA — and Carrie — which is why he came back to Islamabad. But now he’s been looking back on everything he has done and regretting some of it. Quinn has a line. And Carrie has crossed it. And for Quinn-Carrie shippers, it seems that Carrie's actions really may turn Quinn away from her. When he called her out about Aayan, she yelled back at him, "What's it to you?" and it genuinely seemed like Quinn realized that it really shouldn't be anything to him. Because right now, he deserves better.

Images: David Bloomer/Showtime; nevermindtheb0ll0cks /Tumblr