Juan Pablo Wishes Nikki Ferrell a Happy Birthday But His Words Are Inappropriate

Are you surprised to hear that former Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis is still being a jerk? I'm not. That's why I wasn't shocked to see that despite the fact that Nikki Ferrell dumped Juan Pablo last week, he wasn't letting go that easily. Three days after the couple called it quits, Juan Pablo posted a gushing Instagram pic wishing Nikki a happy birthday. In most contexts this would be a sweet gesture, but this time it was just weird and awkward. It was too soon after their breakup for JP to get all sappy on social media. Plus, he needs to let Nikki move on.

It's well-known that Juan Pablo never told Nikki that he loved her, and that was one of the big reasons she eventually left him. From watching the pair on Couples Therapy, it was obvious he just couldn't return her feelings and seemed disinterested in the relationship for much of the time. So for him to be all mushy now is kind of rubbing her face in things. It feels like he is refusing to let her move on by pretending that he's still kind of with her.

"Happy BIRTHDAY to one of the women with the BIGGEST and most CARING hearts I have ever MET... Besitos @Nikki_Ferrell" he said in the caption for the Instagram snap.

Is it just me or is sending kisses to your ex three days after you split a bit too much? (Yeah, but JP would probably just blame it on the cultural differences between America and his native Venezuela.)

Judging from her own Instagram post on the day they split, it's clear that breaking things off was hard for Nikki and the relationship was damaging.

For Juan Pablo to ignore that hurt and send a flattering birthday message anyway is disrespectful. It's not honoring how Nikki feels and the fact that she ended the relationship. So it's good that Nikki is finally done with him, even if he clearly isn't done with her. Now she can move on and find someone who is worth her time.