Don't Call Tosca From Slednecks' A Villain

Besides balking at how these kids are wearing shorts in single degree weather, MTV's Slednecks is a fun mess with a colorful cast of characters. So much happened in the first three episodes. Sometimes the most dramatic thing happens during a scene transition! There's one character on the show who I can already sense is going to get an unfair treatment by MTV. Tosca Yeager from Slednecks is loving the single life. She's covered in tattoos. She has taken a liking to the mustachioed Trevor, but also seems to have caught the eye of Sierra's recent ex-boyfriend Kelly. It seems to me that the show is framing her in a way that makes her a villain.

Sierra is clearly jealous of her and I think Sierra is supposed to be our "hero" in the reality series. She was so nice when she told the more conservative friend she wouldn't have to bare all in their photo shoot. I didn't expect that from a reality show and I appreciated it. Tosca is wilder for sure, however, I want to like both of them! I totally get where both of these girls are coming from, and I'm not one to slut shame. On the other hand, anger plus alcohol plus cameras would make anyone say things they may regret.

Tosca and Sierra don't need to be friends. Sierra accused her of trying to befriend her and then going behind her back with her man, basically. But I'm not seeing that. I'm not sure if "we are both on a reality show together" constitutes as "I want to be your friend." In fact... I don't think it ever does. Tosca seems really fun and weird. Here are some other things you may not know about her:

She was a cheerleader

"#outcast" Yeah, okay Tosca... if you say so. Just kidding! Cheerleaders can be as multi-faceted as the rest of us. Tosca Yeager is a great example of that.

She has a dark sense of humor.

Nerd alert: here is Tosca dressed up as a character from Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events series. If you haven't read the books, they are a goth, steampunk, bizarre satire. In fact, she retweeted the news about Netlfix's upcoming adaption before even I knew about it. Which kind of makes Tosca my new best friend, "per se," not gonna lie.

Her taste makes sense, considering she is studying to become a mortician. I need you to read that sentence again. How many morticians do you know? This is amazing.

Animals love her.

So you should too! Clearly, you can't fit this square peg in a round hole. There's more to Tosca than some drunken hook-ups and forced confrontations.

In fact, when Sierra called her out, Tosca correctly identified the situation as being more about Kelly than about her in the first place. You go, girl!

Honestly, I think the villain of this show should be Kelly, and not just because he's the drunkest person I have seen since college. Does that reflect more on my life choices? Probably. Nobody should be that wasted on television. Though, if I took a shot every time someone said "the lower 48" on this show, I might get close. I don't know if I'm "Team Trevor" either. I think I'm just team "Lady Slednecks Do What They Want." Will that fit into a hashtag?

Image: MTV