Snoop Dogg Makes a Good Point About Female Rappers

by Kenya Foy

Who would've thought that three weeks after Snoop Dogg made fun of Iggy Azalea on Instagram that he'd be coming to the defense of female rappers? It sounds kind of strange but, thankfully, it's true. According to MTV, during a radio interview with the D.L. Hughley Show, Snoop acknowledged the lack of respect for female rappers as major a problem in hip-hop. While he gets a perpetual side-eye for his merciless attack on Azalea, it's good to see him sticking up for women in the rap game.

In discussing his main disappointment with the current state of hip-hop, Snoop said, "That female emcees don’t get the respect that they deserve. It's more about what she looks like."

His statements definitely hold truth and are great to hear from someone like him, but, unfortunately they also come off as hypocritical in some ways: Especially when you consider the fact that he has historically been apart of the problem. Of course, it's possible that despite his past, Snoop has truly had an epiphany about females in the rap game; and, if this is the case, talking about it is a good start in the road to redemption. He does deserves at least some credit for bringing light to the obvious imbalance female rappers face in their musical endeavors simply because they're women, which is an issue that always deserves more attention — and one that, thankfully, has been more frequently discussed in recent times thanks to shows like Oxygen's Sisterhood of Hip Hop, and influential performers like Nicki Minaj making points to be outspoken about the disrespect female rappers face in the industry.

However, we shouldn't forget that Snoop Dogg is an entertainer whose entire image is founded on the glorification of misogyny, and the fact that his recent beef with Azalea started when he posted a meme that poked fun at the "Fancy" rapper's makeup-free appearance. (Even worse, he only agreed to stop his barrage of insults by issuing an insincere apology at T.I.'s request .)

Hopefully, Snoop's epiphany about women in rap leads to more action on his part, rather than more beefs with the very women in hip-hop he says are being disrespected — because, while it's a good start to acknowledge there is an issue, it's even better to just stop contributing to the very thing that disappoints him about hip-hop altogether.