Will Fish Mooney Kill Liza on 'Gotham'? The Former Singer Is Now a Threat

A few Gotham episodes ago, Fish Mooney put her "secret weapon," young singer Liza, into Falcone's path, and since then Liza has become Fish's informant on Falcone and her only chance at taking over the mob. But Liza is getting softer on Falcone, even sympathetic to him, and that's not what Fish wants — at all — and that may lead Fish Mooney to kill Liza if their plans don't work out. She was looking for the dark-haired girl in the parking lot who was willing to throw down in a fistfight to the death (or close to death), not the sentimental shrinking violet who was hesitant to meet and talk about attempted murder in a church and all but begged Fish to reconsider the plans.

So, Fish might end up killing Liza just to ensure that her plan goes over without any witnesses who could threaten or blackmail her. Fish is a ruthless pragmatist whose only weakness is that she's incredibly emotionally fickle. As we saw with the lie about her mother's death, the truth is exactly what she needs it to be at any given moment in order to ensure she can manipulate to get what she wants. If she perceives that someone has betrayed her, she'll strike without pity. Consider Cobblepot — she said she thought of him as a son, and yet as soon as he went behind her back? Dead to her. And she even went to Falcone to make him really dead, by sic'ing James Gordon on him.

However, if Liza is only meant to funnel information from Falcone to Fish, then it's to Fish's benefit to keep Liza right where she is — unless she suspects that Liza will confess her duplicitousness to Falcone. But Maroni's men will be on the lookout for which person close to Falcone is reporting to Fish, and she won't want to be caught by angry mobsters, so it definitely seems like Fish and Liza's relationship is tenuous enough right now that we may see her pick up an actual weapon to use against the singer.

But that kiss on the cheek was very gentle for the usually businesslike Fish Mooney. Might she be catching some feelings for her young accomplice? After all, she did pick Liza in part because of her great seduction skills. They may have worked a little too well… and we could be watching Fish fall into Liza's trap when she should be getting ready to strike.

Images: Jessica Miglio/FOX; Giphy