When 'Finding Carter' Returns For Season 2, We Really Need To See These 6 Things (And Avoid 1)

I honestly have absolutely no idea how I've spent my time since the Finding Carter Season 1 finale aired on MTV back in September. I was late to the Finding Carter party but, once I started watching the MTV drama, I couldn't imagine my TV-life without it. OK, fine, I do know how I've spent the past two months — I've been trying to find answers to all of these questions we have for Finding Carter Season 2. Which is happening, people, because Finding Carter got renewed for Season 2 back in August (YAY!). But, the premiere itself is still so far off that that I can't bear to think about the endless months without Alex Saxon's incredible hair.

Sure, I've thought up some great ways to pass the time until Finding Carter Season 2. Mostly so I don't drive myself as crazy as Lori scouring the Internet for news as to whether or not Alex Saxon will return for series' second season. But, eventually I find myself back in the same place — thinking about all of the things that I hope Finding Carter Season 2 will bring. Because Season 1 left us with a hell of a cliffhanger (and nightmares, endless nightmares) and forced most of us to join the Broken Hearts Club when Max broke the news to Taylor that they needed to take a break (god, that hurt).

So, hear our cries, Terri Minksy and MTV, because these are all of the things we need from Finding Carter Season 2. Please?


No one can argue the fact that Max was the single best character on Finding Carter Season 1. In fact, fans loved Max so much that they saved him — that's right, Max was supposed to die and because we all loved him so much, he got to live. Which means that Finding Carter Season 2 needs to bring him back.

For Maxlor To Get Back Together

THE FEELS. If Finding Carter Season 2 accomplishes anything, it has to get Maxlor back together. ASAP.

Carter Will Finally Realize That Lori Isn't A Good Person

Lori kidnapped Carter in the finale, so obviously she's a terrible person. But up until that point, Carter hadn't really realized how terrible Lori actually was. Now that we all know she's totally crazy, Carter has to realize it too. Well, as soon as she escapes and gets back home to her family.

More Grant

Grant is a great character, but he kind of fell by the wayside in Season 1. Sure, Finding Carter needed to develop its other relationships first to effectively tell its story, but in Season 2, more Grant is necessary. He's a great kid and, well, I'm still not over David smashing all of his chocolate chip cookies.

Another Crouton-level Scene

Honestly, Finding Carter Season 2 could just be this scene on a continuous loop and I'd be fine with that. I guess this really just goes back to Season 2 needing more Max or all Max.

For Someone To Finally Reveal David's Shady Secrets

David is the shadiest guy of all time. Seriously. I'm still convinced that he had something to do with Carter's kidnapping and Season 2 needs to expose him for the shady guy that he is for the sake of the entire family. Also, again, I'm still not over him smashing Grant's cookies. Worst. Dad. Ever.

And One Thing We Need Less Of — Crash

God, I hate that guy.

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