Does the Midseason Finale of 'TWD' = Death?

The midseason finale of The Walking Dead is here and although it feels like a cheap way to have two "finales" in one season, I'll take it since it usually ups the ante of the craziness on the show. So, who is going to die in the midseason finale this time? The fact that what happens allegedly made Norman Reedus cry feels like evidence enough that someone is going to die. But should we really trust him? (He did post a photo where it appeared his hand was mauled on Twitter.) Either way, the energy for another death has kind of been in the air. Bob did just die, but there feels like there needs to be another shakedown — maybe a killing of a character that we really care about (err, sorry, Bob). At this point, I may even feel that The Walking Dead punked out on me if we don't get a death.

As for characters in the main group, Beth and Carol both seem like they are most likely to be on the chopping block. But maybe they'll kill a villain (*cough, cough* Dawn) or someone we don't care as much about. Just because they killed the Governor and Hershel (Hershel!!!) in the Season 4 midseason finale doesn't mean there always has to be a bloodbath. (Plus, both of those deaths seemed a long time coming.) So the other option is that The Walking Dead could leave us for the midseason break unscathed and rejuvenated to see our favorite characters battle zombies once more in 2015.

If you're generally a non-gambling gal like me, odds don't really mean much, so here's the breakdown of the chance in percentage that The Walking Dead characters have of dying:


She could die, but that would actually make things better presumably — not worse. This would be good news for the crew, so if we're going to have a death, let it be her. If she doesn't die in this midseason finale, I think she won't last that much longer anyway. Chances of her dying: 50%


Oh, Noah. He still is limping and he's going to go back to the hospital where he was held captive and save Beth. That sounds like a recipe for a death scene. Plus, would we really be upset if he went? Ehhh, we haven't known him long enough for fans to get too sad. But if they are going to have him be a romantic interest for Beth (and she lives), then that would change things. Chances of him dying: 70%


If we're going to see a major character die on the show, I think Beth is the most likely candidate. (Or maybe that's because if I had to choose a main character to go, it would be her — don't hate!) My biggest holdup on Beth dying has been that Maggie had just lost her dad and it didn't seem fair for her to lose her sibling too. But considering Maggie seems to have accepted Beth isn't around and we're now more concerned with how Daryl will handle it, I feel like her odds of survival are lower. Chances of her dying: 65%

Father Gabriel

Most of the people I am concerned about dying are involved in the hospital raid, but Father Gabriel did just escape the church and doesn't seem to have the greatest of survival skills out in the open. Yet, the show hasn't developed him enough and we know he's a fixture in the comics, so I think this is just the beginning of his tale. Chances of him dying: 15%


NO. Unacceptable. NO. But chances of her dying: 60%


Glenn's name was getting tossed around a lot at the beginning of Season 5 as a candidate of who may die. I don't think he's gotten enough attention this season for them to kill him off right now — although I do not like the fact that he's separated from Maggie. Maybe he could die in the actual season finale in the spring, but I really hope that's not the case. If they kill Beth though, they can't kill Glenn, and vice versa. That would be super unfair to Maggie. Chances of him dying: 30%


HAHA. Just kidding. Chances of him dying: 0%. As in never, ever, ever happening (right now).

No one

I sincerely think there is a chance that no one dies at the midseason finale. Hear me out: Could Reedus have been crying out of happiness because he's finally reunited with his two favorite people (and he just lied to TV Guide about it being "devastating")? Maybe, just maybe, the midseason finale feels like it's gearing up for a killing because they're going to actually do the exact opposite – and reunite everyone.

What if they successfully get Beth and Carol out of the hospital? Both Maggie and Glenn take their groups back to the church, where everyone meets us. OMG! Maggie's sister (who she never asked about) is alive!! After patting Beth on the head, Daryl kisses Carol — firmly cementing the fact that Beth is in the little sister role of Daryl's life and Carol's his main lady love. They all kick Eugene in the ass for lying to them and Judith says her first word! Just imagine the jubilation of breaking for the midseason of The Walking Dead on a high note! (And the utter devastation that would follow come 2015.)

Now, if that sounds too optimistic for The Walking Dead, that's because it is. The only reason I can even semi-seriously say that everyone lives is because the showrunners get off in leading us astray. But hey, I can be optimistic this once: chances of no one dying: 75%

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