Vine Stars Us the Duo Perform The Most Popular Songs of 2014, All In Under Three Minutes

With only one month left in 2014, it's starting to be the time of year when everyone gets all nostalgic about the past 12 months. But if you don't have the time (or inclination) for the year's retrospectives that have starting popping up recently, you'll be happy to hear that Vine stars Us the Duo covered the most popular songs of 2014 in less than three minutes. Listening to this year's hit songs in less than the time it takes to do my eyeliner in the morning (not including messing it up, trying to fix it, then throwing my hands up and starting over)? Yes please.If you're not already familiar with Us the Duo, chances are you will be soon. The duo, made up of Carissa and Michael Rae Alvarado, gained a successful YouTube following of 4 million over the past three years, but according to Mashable, it was their success on Vine this year that truly put them in the spotlight. They are known for their #6secondcovers and medleys of pop songs, and they signed a deal with Republic Records earlier this year, making them the first artists to ever sign with a major label from Vine.

Us The Duo on YouTube

This is not a comprehensive list — there's only one Taylor Swift song featured, which is astounding considering the year she's had, and there's no sign of Lorde even though it feels like she's been everywhere since 2013. But it's a super cute medley, despite the tragic lack of One Direction (guess not everyone's a die-hard Harry Styles fan like myself), so be sure to check it out, along with the rest of their channel. Plus they're in the running for one of the cutest internet couples, which is impressive since it's a pretty competitive field.

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