7 Things You Should Never Say to a Louis Tomlinson Fan

The Internet is a beautiful and scary place. It is almost the most magnified when it comes to the fandoms of videos games, sci-fi films, and comic books, but perhaps nothing is scarier than the wrath of a million teenage One Direction fans. When they popped onto the radar, I was skeptical to listen or pay attention to them, being that they were mostly under the age of 20 and that was weird. Well, my fan-girling didn't take too long because not only were they actually talented singers and performers, they were all really, really cute.

While most of the girls seemed to be yearning for the shaggy haired Harry Styles, I thought that Zayn Malik's brooding demeanor and Louis Tomlinson's charm and bubbly personality were the real stars of the show. Louis Tomlinson was also the oldest member of One Direction, so maybe sub-consciously I felt less creepy about my lurking (I will add that they were all legal, thankyouverymuch). I have to admit that I am a little perplexed as to how anyone could NOT like Louis Tomlinson? He's got that baby-faced, Leonardo-Dicaprio-in-Titanic look going on and seems like the peacemaker and generally sweetest member of the band. Well, we all know that haters gonna hate, hate, hate but these are some things you should definitely never say about Louis Tomlinson — he doesn't deserve it!


When did being a mama's boy become a bad thing? It could be misconstrued as being a goody-goody, but Louis stands up for his momma and his fans and I think that's admirable. Tomlinson also apparently texts his mom about seven times a day. I can relate.


You clearly have horrific eyesight because Louis is one of the cutest boy band guys I've ever seen, so if you're living somewhere that he is considered ugly, let me know 'cause I might just have to move there. Anyway, picking on someone's looks is a low blow. Look at that face!


Yeah, he might not have the strong pipes of Harry Styles and Zayn Malik, but he is by no means a terrible singer. The group is successful because each one of their voices adds something to complete the harmonies. You can't have five Justin Timberlakes.


As far as we know, no member in One Direction is out as gay or bi, despite some continuing speculations. It's not our business anyway, but he's been dating a really cute GIRL for about two years.

"His hair is way too long."

I actually think he looks really good with long hair and makes him look more mature than his usual, choppy scene kid haircuts. Seems like a lot of the One Directions were not into his long locks, and he's recently seemed to trim it up a little bit. You can't win them all.

"I hate his girlfriend."

Well, you don't know Eleanor Calder and she seems lovely and makes him happy, which is all good in my book. So, you will have to deal with it, because jealousy doesn't look cute on anyone. Sorry.

"Why is he even in One Direction?"

Because, quite frankly, One Direction wouldn't be who they are today without each member, whether you think he's worthless or not. The boys are part of a unit, and they're kind of taking over the world, so obviously they're all doing something right.

Images: Giphy (3); idiothoran/Tumblr