A Look at Khloé & French's Rocky Relationship

by Kenya Foy

Ever since people began criticizing Khloé Kardashian's decision to date rapper French Montana, she's made it crystal clear that she's completely over folks weighing in on the couple's status, and if it weren't for the fact that there are just so many legitimate reasons why Montana's all wrong for Khloé, I'd say she has every right to ignore the chatter. Shake the haters off! But yet, I refuse to disguise my joy over the alleged demise of Khloé and French Montana's relationship. I'm not talking about the last time they split, but their most recent breakup, which hopefully means they're done for good.Sorry if that sounds harsh, but I just couldn't get into Montana. From his ridiculous flashy guy persona and the serious baggage he had from his alleged marriage, plus the fallout from his relationship with rapper Trina, he just seemed like a not-so-great candidate from the start. Recently, he even described his relationship with Kardashian as a makeup to breakup type arrangement, as if inconsistency should be an acceptable standard. There's something seriously wrong with that picture.

I suspect that's why he and Kardashian have, yet again, arrived at the point of separation in their short-lived relationship. Here's a look back at their on-again, off-again history:

Puffy Hooked Them Up in July, 2014

After months of people speculating about his and Kardashian's relationship, in July, Montana revealed that the Bad Boy himself introduced them to one another at a Vegas party.

Soon After, Everyone Hated Them Together

But Kardashian didn't care and told all the haters to mind their business because her BF made her happy.

They Broke Up in September, 2014

Well, at least they experienced a summer romance. A source told US Weekly that French was "too needy" and Kardashian simply needed space, which didn't sound like a permanent split.

But They Were Back on Again by November, 2014

Or were they? Montana was spotted at Kendall Jenner's birthday party and openly entertained the idea of getting back with Kardashian in multiple interviews, but she remained mum.

Then, Kardashian Kind of Admitted They Were dating Again

According to E! News, Kardashian revealed that the couple had been "hanging out," but she refused to label their um, situation.

Now They're Over It... Again, December 2014

Their on-again, off-again relationship could be a spinoff called Keeping Up With Khloé & French, but that would mean they'd be getting back together again instead of putting this relationship where it belongs — on a permanent hiatus.Images: Giphy (6)