Fur Is Trending This Winter, So Here Are 7 Different Ways to Style the Look — In Pure, Cruella de Vil Style

It's winter time yet again, and we all know what that means! It's time to pull out those sweaters, hats, mittens, boots and layers, layers, layers. After all, we need to be prepared for the next six months of Narnia-esque weather. If this season takes any notes from last year's series of torrential snowstorms, then we can expect winter to be a relentless, blistering, frozen nightmare for the next few months ahead. But it isn't all bad, when you think about it. There are a lot of good things about winter, too: the hot drinks (comfort in a cup), the food (eating heavy and loving it), the free-flow of holiday alcohol (just hook it to my veins!) and the fashion. Now is the time for comfy knitted sweaters, lots of cozy layers and some of the most luxurious, elegant winter accessories one can dream of. I'm talking fur. Fuuuuur.

Just the thought of it makes me want to close my eyes and bask in the luxury that is the soft, warm, comforting, lavish lusciousness of it all. It's just like Cruella de Vil says, "I live for fur, I worship fur. After all, is there a woman in all this wretched world who doesn't?"

Fur tends to be a controversial and sensitive subject for some, and reasonably so. We know it isn't always obtained in the most morally-conscious way, and it is due to this fact that I usually tend to only buy actual fur items if they are vintage. But usually I stick to a well-executed faux-fur alternative. So despite your moral beliefs regarding this material, it's worth keeping in mind that there is always a way to sport it and flaunt it whilst still being able to sleep at night.

As for me, wearing fur always makes me feel like winter royalty (it's one of the many reasons we love Game of Thrones , isn't it?) or an extravagant movie star or celebrity. And lucky for all of us who happen to feel that way, fur is revealing itself fashionable in so many different manifestations this winter. So let's have a look at seven different ways you can rock the trend this winter.


When I think of fur hats, I immediately picture a large, deliciously furry, Russian-style hat. One that you'd wear out skiing on a glamorous winter vacation sort of thing (or if you are the glamorous Evil Queen from Once Upon a Time ). But you don't necessarily have to be on vacation or be an evil diva to don a glamorous fur hat these days. Instead, you could choose to wear a lumberjack-inspired hat of fur, a traditional hunter's hat, or perhaps some furry earmuffs. Whatever it may be, you can bet that it's going to look fabulous whilst keeping your head and ears extra warm.


Having actually never gone out of style, furry mittens remain present in our current winter fashion trends. Not only do they keep our hands exceptionally warm (although they're pretty shit for texting), but they add an element of fun cuteness and elegance to any winter outfit.


One of the best fur trends has to be fur coats. Almost as though it were a fashion apparition, the fur coat seems to float in and out of style throughout the years; so much so that it's sometimes difficult to tell whether it is "in" or "out." However, I remain confidently convinced that fur coats never truly go out of style. One always feels like a "Very Important Person" when wearing one, but if it's too much for you or if your tastes tend to be more subtle, then you can opt for a fur-trimmed hood instead (which you can wear instead of your fur hat, if you wish). You can't deny it though — worn big and baggy, or tailored and accented with a fabulous belt, fur coats scream swag.


Fur shrugs are all the rage right now, because they can be thrown over anything to make an ensemble ultra-glamorous. Seriously — throw one over some jeans and a casual top, and now you've got yourself some high-street-fashion. Throw one over an elegant dress, and you've got a winter, red-carpet-worthy look. You can even throw one over some sexy, sultry lingerie or nightgowns and wear it to bed as you sprawl sumptuously over the covers like a retro movie star. Really, you just can't go wrong — for no matter what you pair a fur shrug with, it says luxury, luxury, luxury. Look at me I'm a star!


One of the most glamorous ways to accessorize with fur this winter is to wear it around your neck or shoulders. You can add a lot of glam and luxury to a coat if you wear a fur collar with it, just as you can add insta-glam to an evening gown by throwing a fur shawl or scarf atop your shoulders. No woman should show up to a holiday gala or party without one.


Just like fur coats, fur vests seem to flow in and out of winter fashion trends over the years. But as of right now, they are back in full swing! Throw one over any casual outfit to give it that distinctly winter-accessorized look that we all love.


Fur cuffs, muffs, boots and bags are all trending this year, too. So I believe it's safe to say that our love for furry fashion has finally come to a climax. However you want to accent with it, all systems are a-go. Cruella would be having a field day — the woman was evil, but she knew what she was talking about when it came to clothes.

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