Amanda Bynes is Back on Twitter... Again

If I write a tweet and it gets more than two favorites, I consider it a huge success. But if Amanda Bynes posts on Twitter, the site practically explodes. I'd even argue she #BreaksTheInternet better than Kim Kardashian. With thousands of retweets and various articles analyzing whatever her 140-character messages may mean, it's like Bynes can't say anything without everybody freaking out. That's why I think we should all relax and not go overboard now that Amanda Bynes returned to Twitter for the first time in nearly a month. In case you're curious, E! Online counted and it's been exactly 26 days since Bynes last posted on Nov. 10.

So what did this tweet say? Surprisingly, not very much. Instead, the image accompanying it speaks volumes itself. As the saying goes, pictures are worth a thousand words, right? In the image, Bynes is standing in a dressing room at a California clothing store with the caption, "I'm loving Boutique Jules!" She's wearing a crop top and matching skirt. E! spoke with the clothing store, who confirmed Bynes did shop there on Saturday. They even complimented the Nickelodeon star, saying, "She is a lovely girl. She is the best customer we have had so far." Well, that's great to hear!

Not only does she seem well put-together in the photo, but she even is *almost* smiling. (OK, her lips are pursed together, but to me it looks like a slight smirk.) Oh, and she's also wearing her signature sunglasses. Another observation? Her hair is blonde again, after she dyed it violet in November:

Instead of going on a rant about her parents, Drake, or her own appearance, Bynes kept things simple with this tweet — and that's actually a really good sign. Unlike past posts of self-deprecation, she didn't say she hated the outfit or how she looked in it. All she commented on was how much she loved shopping at that store. Further evidence that she's on the right track, she favorited the following tweet from a fan.

That's gotta count as confirmation she's doing well, right? Plus, she appears to have deleted a majority of her old tweets, with only 59 of them still up. This may be a positive cleanse, showing she's really taking her life back into her own hands.

Regardless of what's happened in the past with Bynes, that's where we should leave it — in the past. Even though it may contradict the fact that I'm writing about her tweet right now, I think we shouldn't scrutinize all of Bynes' future posts. In fact, from this point forward, we should give the girl a break and respect her privacy. I can only imagine that everybody analyzing her every move doesn't help, especially when it's mostly done in the form of mocking.