13 Weird Food Moments That Defined 2014, From Spreadable Beer to Bacon Mac and Cheese Donuts

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2014 has been quite an interesting year for food, and especially weird food hybrids, with everyone from food bloggers to local bakeries to international chains taking it upon themselves to combine all different kinds of cuisines. In the last 12 months, it feels like we’ve seen pretty much every kind of hybrid possible — from Starbucks' beer-flavored Dark Barrel Latte to “Nutellasagna” to the new croissant/bagel fusion, the Cragel. Oh, and let’s not forget the recent, ever-growing trend of stuffing seemingly everything — and I mean, everything — into donuts (I’m talking about you, Ramnut).

In honor of this, er, newfound inventiveness, we’re taking a look back at some of the wackiest and most unforgettable food and drink combos of the year. Some of these food hybrids actually sound pretty delicious; others... well, let’s just say that some things really aren’t meant to go together. But these fusions all have one thing in common — whether they taste good or not, they are all definitely creative.

So which of these creations do you think you’d actually want to try, and which would you rather take a pass on? Check out 13 of the most memorable food moments from 2014, and decide for yourself!

Image: PYT/Facebook

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