These Trends Are So 2014

by Rikki Byrd

The new year is almost upon us, and as we begin to create our extensive lists of resolutions, somewhere on there is creating a new wardrobe. With the reveal of the Pantone color of the year and 2015 trends already sneaking into our looks of the day, we're just about ready to do away with the trends of 2014. Well, maybe not all of us, even though we really should.

This year's trends saw a rebirth of the 90s, with overalls taking center stage. We scoured our moms' closets for the jeans that they wore when they were rocking us in their arms. Eva Chen made culottes cool. And, just about everyone was naked (some even attempting to break the internet with their nudity). The year reigned supreme in just about every collaboration you could think of, from Alexander Wang x H&M, Solange x Puma's second run, and the once rumored Rihanna x Puma deal finally came to life. Beyoncé's hair changed, a lot. Kim Kardashian lost her eyebrows. Ariana Grande let go of her ponytail, if only for a fragment of a second. Justin Bieber went blonde, but kinda, sorta, didn't like it. Lauren Conrad chopped her locks, even more. North West made us wish we were a year old with very rich parents. Barbie showed us that a doll can definitely have more style than you (and more Instagram followers).

Yes, this year in fashion was indeed one that was very much talked about. Nevertheless, it is time for us to let go of the items that we should definitely be sending to the second-hand store. However, it is totally understandable that your floral crown, body con dress and célfie t-shirts are full of great memories that you are not quite ready to forget. So, if you are going to keep them in your wardrobes, you might as well wear them. Here are a few ways to update your somewhat out-of-trend items and put them on-trend.


There's just something about items that imitate designer goods that seem, er, faux? The célfie tee poked fun at both Céline and selfie culture. As relentless as selfies are on your timeline, so was the célfie tee, at every shopping mall, music festival, stroll through the park, and let us not forget, your timelines. Perhaps yours has a mustard stain on it from your first date with your SO or maybe autographed by your favorite singer at that concert you stood front row at this summer. To keep the memories in rotation, layer it underneath a slip dress, throw on some booties and a cross-body bag.


Are there any more flowers left in the fields? The floral crown was the go-to item at this year's music festivals. From literal hipsters at Coachella to on-trend fashion bloggers, the floral crown was everywhere even after festival season ended. Usually, floral is reserved for spring and summer, which should make sense. If and only if there is a winter garden party of some sorts and the only floral you have is your flower crown, pair it with a fringe jacket, cropped top and culottes to stay in season.


Okay, every girl deserves her freakum dress. Whether you're having a girls night out, celebrating something epic, wondering if you still got "it" after a breakup, or seriously just want to get fancy after a long work week in slacks and blazers, the dress has its place. But there are additional ways to wear it so that it won't only be on reserve for your sweaty nights at your favorite rooftop bar. Try pairing under an A-line skirt, leather bomber and fun pumps to take your nights out up a notch.